How to take care of a mattress?

A good and healthy sleep is influenced by many factors, including the right mattress. How to take care of it so that it serves us for years?

A worn-out, old mattress can contribute to us waking up sleepless and frustrated in the morning. On top of that, back pains, etc. can occur. Therefore, it is very important to sleep on a good quality mattress that is tailored to our needs. It is not a small expense, so it is worth knowing how to take care of it so that it serves us for many years. 

Airing the mattress is important

The basis, which few people know about, is regular airing of the mattress. Why do it? Moisture evaporates during this activity. On top of this, it is also recommended to remove the sheet at least once a week for half an hour. Unfortunately, most people only take them off for a while, and that’s when they replace them with new ones. Experts recommend, for example, that bedding be removed from mattresses for the duration of trips, so that the mattress can ventilate. This will keep it fresh for longer. 

The mattress should be turned regularly

Another very important issue is to turn the mattress over. If we don’t do this systematically, indentations will appear on it, especially in the places where we lie most often. Turning the mattress is especially important if you have a pocket or bonel model. 

The mattress also needs vacuuming

We vacuum the carpet, but the mattress doesn’t anymore. This is another basic mistake. Regular removal of dust, crumbs and other dirt affects the hygiene of the mattress. Of course, it is not necessary to do it every day, but it is recommended that such a procedure be carried out on average every 2 months. 

Does the mattress need to be washed? Of course!

There should be washing instructions on a good quality mattress. For foam or latex models, it is enough to remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. Experts agree that the lack of information about the need to wash and how to do it is most often evidence that the mattress is of poor quality – so it’s worth making sure that this is not actually the case before you buy it.

Overlay protects the mattress

Mattress dividers are becoming increasingly popular. They are, so to speak, a support for the mattress, protecting it from dirt and faster wear. It is estimated that by using an overlay we can enjoy the good condition of the mattress even a few years longer. So it is worth considering this purchase.

Let’s not let children jump on the bed

All kids love jumping on beds. Unfortunately, this has a tragic effect on the mattress, which thus deteriorates much faster. Then it is also easy to get damage. It is also not recommended to walk on the mattress or sit on its edges.

Special cleaning products

Sometimes it is necessary to remove some stains or dirt from the mattress. When this happens, it is necessary to use the appropriate products for this purpose. Most often, the manufacturer will put information on how it can be cleaned. Strong detergents can damage the mattress. 

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