How to paint the windowsill on the balcony?

Czym pomalować parapet na balkonie?
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If the window sill on your balcony doesn’t look its best anymore – the paint is faded or cracked, you can easily renovate it yourself. If you don’t know how to do this and you’re worried about the effect, read our quick guide

Painting a windowsill

The quickest way to renew a balcony window sill is to paint it. Before we start painting it, it is very important to get rid of old paint or other preparations that are on it. We can do this with an angle grinder or sandpaper. We start with a high gradation of paper and end with a slightly less rough sandpaper. A small problem may turn out to be the renovation of plastic window sills. In this case, it is necessary to sand off the top layer of paint – if the window sill does not have it, then it is enough to just slightly matt its surface, so that the paint and varnish will adhere to it better

Window sill paint

Paint for window sills should:

  • be temperature resistant – outdoor window sills can get very hot, so choose paints that do not dissolve when exposed to high temperatures. There are special markings on paint packages that you should pay attention to before purchasing,
  • have good ad hesion – paint with good adhesion makes the painted object is well covered with it and the paint does not peel off,
  • be resistant to mechanical damage, such as abrasion,
  • have UV filters – thanks to them the paint does not peel or dull, leaving on the surface of the windowsill a protective layer in a nice shade that does not fade over time,
  • be resistant to yellowing if it is a white paint,
  • be resistant to external influences (snow, rain, sun)

After matting the surface of the sill, it should still be primed, so that the paint will perfectly cover the sill. Before priming, you need to clean the windowsill from dust and dirt and degrease it using gasoline or a special preparation. After priming, you can cover the windowsill with paint. It is advisable to paint the windowsill twice, so that the coverage is complete. Large surfaces can be painted with a roller, and those harder to reach can be painted with a small, precise brush.

Other ways to quickly renovate a windowsill

Not every windowsill can be painted. However, there are other ways to renovate it:

  1. Veneer

Veneer is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to renovate a windowsill. Thanks to it, we can get a spectacular effect. The veneer should be carefully cut, and before sticking it on, thoroughly degrease and clean the windowsill from dirt and dust. The veneer should be pressed with a long ruler so that no unsightly air bubbles form under it.

  1. Overlays

This is a simple and quick way to get a brand new window sill. PVC caps are dust and heat resistant. This is an ideal solution if the window sill is very damaged. You can buy PVC caps on dimension, thanks to which you can perfectly adjust them to your windowsill.

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