Renovating a windowsill – what to paint with?

Odnawianie parapetu – czym pomalować?
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A window sill is supposed to keep out moisture and protect the walls from staining. However, over time it deteriorates. It is then worth renovating it especially if it is made of good quality wood. What can be used to paint an old windowsill? How to renovate it, so that it looks great?

Why is a windowsill useful?

A good quality windowsill is worth investing in for at least several reasons. First of all it is about the stylish look of the interior. The windowsill protects the walls from dirt. It also reduces heat loss and prevents excessive moisture. Thanks to it, heat is distributed in the interior in the desired manner. Of course, it can also be an additional and extremely attractive shelf, on which we can place our plants, photo frames or books.

What can a windowsill be made of?

Before we start renovating the windowsill, let’s first check what material it is made of. It can be made of

  • wood – this is often pine, but it can also be oak or beech;
  • PVC – they are cheap and available in many colors
  • ceramics – made of ceramic tiles;
  • stone – durable, aesthetic and functional, but expensive; they are made of granite, marble or sandstone.

What is an indication that the windowsill should be renovated?

If your windowsill has numerous scratches, holes and cracks, and the color has faded, it is time to renovate it!

Painting a windowsill – a simple way to refresh it

Renovating a windowsill can be done by:

  • painting,
  • veneering,
  • using PVC caps

Why is painting a great idea for renovating a windowsill?

First of all, it is a simple and inexpensive method, which can be used to renovate any window sill, regardless of the material it is made of. It does not require such skill and precision as in the case of veneering

Which paint to choose?

A lot depends on what material we are going to paint. A good quality paint should have a very good level of adhesion – this parameter will be appreciated when painting different materials and be resistant to:

  • abrasion;
  • moisture
  • uV radiation

What to do to ensure good results when painting a windowsill?

First of all, you need to take care of the substrate. This is where the problems begin: preparing the substrate does not always mean the same thing. In the case of a wooden window sill, sanding the surface with sandpaper is essential. After dusting and painting, the paint will have better adhesion. What about window sills made of other materials? Those made of PVC should be thoroughly washed and degreased before painting. The previous coat of paint should always be carefully removed

How do I paint a windowsill? Before you start, you need to prime the surface. You can paint with a brush or a roller. The number of layers should be adjusted to the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes it is necessary to sand the window sill after applying the first coat in order to remove the irregularities

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