What should go in your toolbox?

Co powinno znaleźć się w skrzynce z narzędziami?
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A leaky tap, a clogged sink or a broken drawer – there’s no escaping the small faults that happen in every home. So how to deal with them?

Although calling a professional sounds like the easiest and least troublesome proposition, hiring a professional is often associated with high costs and long waiting times. So to avoid additional fees and quickly deal with small repairs, it is worth to complete a toolbox. What should it contain?

Measuring instruments in the toolbox

In order for household chores not to fail, they must be carried out precisely and meticulously. In this case, measuring instruments will prove extremely helpful, thanks to which achieving precision will not be a distant, insurmountable challenge

The basic tool, without which no DIY enthusiast can do without, is therefore a tape measure. Its most popular type can be extended to a length of up to 5 m, although the tape measure itself does not take up much space. It is useful for measuring length and width in a straight line, for example of walls, windows, doors or floors. A spirit level is also an indispensable tool. Thanks to it, you can correctly position furniture and home appliances so that they do not damage the floor. Determining angles is also helpful e.g. when laying tiles. There are vial, laser and hose levels on the market. A carpenter’s protractor is also a good choice among measuring instruments. This uncomplicated tool will allow you to quickly determine right angles and will also be helpful when hanging pictures and shelves

What hand tools should I choose?

Every toolbox must include adjustable wrenches. The universal ones, i.e. French ones, are used to loosen nuts and bolts and allow you to use more force than a wrench. They can be used to install supply hoses and to do automotive work – they will come in handy when maintaining and repairing a bicycle. Every handyman will certainly use pliers. They are indispensable when working with electrical installations and make it easier to hold small parts, catch nails and damaged screws and bolts. As a multi-purpose tool, they will prove useful in various household repairs. When buying them, pay attention to the handles of the pliers – it is best to choose those with a solid grip

When assembling your toolbox, don’t forget about screwdrivers. It is a good idea to choose a screwdriver with replaceable blades, which is a convenient and practical solution. Alternatively, you can get a set of screwdrivers of different sizes, but you should think about what you need before you buy it

Power tools for the do-it-yourselfer

One of the most versatile electric tools, useful both at home and in the workshop, is a drill. For standard work, a 500-600-watt model that can drill holes in wood, metal, and ceramic tile will suffice. When choosing a drill, you need to remember to buy additional drill bits of different diameters, adapted to the selected repair work. For more professional activities, a drill with an impact mechanism will be a viable purchase

The second necessary power tool will turn out to be a screwdriver. Mobile, lightweight and practical, it will be a better and more convenient choice than a drill when screwing in screws and bolts. The screwdriver is designed mainly for soft materials and is useful for fasteners. A drill/driver is a combination of both. So if you want to save both space in your toolbox and costs, this type of hybrid device will be a hit

Equipping your toolbox

While it may seem time-consuming to put together all the tools you need, it will definitely pay off in the long run. A neat, well-organized toolbox is undoubtedly a safe way to store your tools and an effective way to protect them from damage. For your own health, it’s also worth remembering that it’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit near the box.

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