How to decorate a small balcony? Interesting ideas and inspiration

Jak urządzić mały balkon? Ciekawe pomysły i inspiracje
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Your own balcony, even a small one, can be a fantastic place to enjoy your morning coffee, read a book or grow flowers. The arrangement of a small balcony should be carefully thought out. It all depends on how you want to use the space on the balcony

The choice of furniture and accessories that will decorate the balcony is extremely important, especially with a small space. Take a look at how interior designers approach this issue and get inspired. It is fantastic when we manage to create a cozy and functional place. In long summer evenings it will be a perfect place to relax and admire the stars

Ways to decorate a small balcony

You don’t have to live in a house with a large garden to relax in the fresh air. A well-decorated bal cony can be a fantastic alternative where you can chill out, growing flowers, reading your favorite book or drinking your morning coffee. With a few simple and proven solutions, even a balcony in a block of flats can be a cozy place to relax. An important issue when arranging the balcony space is to pay attention to the side from which our apartment is situated. This determines which plants we will be able to grow in pots and boxes on the balcony

A small balcony – which furniture should I choose?

In spring and summer we can spend a lot of time relaxing on the balcony. To do this you need appropriate garden furniture, but on a small balcony you can not put large couches or armchairs. A fantastic solution for small balcony spaces is to purchase folding furniture. Thanks to this we can easily adapt the balcony to our needs. People who like to eat meals outdoors will choose to buy a small table with chairs. Those who love to read in comfortable armchairs, will give up the table in favor of soft seats. Many people also choose to buy baskets, containers or pots, which are great for storing small items and accessories.

Plants on the balcony

Flowered balconies, full of beautiful and lush vegetation, are conducive to being a place to relax after work. The choice of plants we plant depends largely on the sunlight on our balcony. Before buying a particular species it’s worth reading up on what conditions are optimal for its cultivation and make sure that the location of our balcony meets all requirements

Flower pots mounted on the balustrade will be a beautiful decoration. However, if you want to have more plants on the balcony, you can also opt for decorative flower pots that you put on the floor and hanging from the ceiling or wall. An interesting solution can also be planting fresh herbs in a pot on the balcony

Balcony lighting

If you like to spend evenings and warm nights outside, you need to install the right lighting on your balcony. It’s fantastic when the chosen lamps, lanterns and even the world create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. It is easy to achieve by leaving part of the balcony in semi-darkness and choosing spot lighting. For those looking for a more practical lighting solution, a ceiling-mounted overhead light is sure to appeal. This will brighten up the entire balcony area. Turning on the light at night on the balcony may attract mosquitoes and insects, so it is worth taking care of insect repellent

How can I decorate my balcony?

Complement the balcony design will be the selection of appropriate accessories and decorations. Certainly a variety of pillows and blankets that decorate the chairs and armchairs will work great. You can also use them to warm up on cooler nights, which we feel like spending on the balcony. An interesting solution will also be decorative lanterns, dream catchers in boho style or delicate bells, which we will hang on the balcony

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