Ideas for arranging a bedroom in a studio apartment

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Arranging a bedroom in a studio apartment can be a challenge due to the small size. In many apartments a folding couch serves as a bed and there is no possibility to create an intimate space to sleep. In such a situation, it is worth focusing on other design elements that will increase the comfort of sleep, improve well-being and make a small studio apartment more functional.

Arranging furniture

When planning the arrangement of furniture, it is worth remembering not to place the bed under the window, so that you are not exposed to drafts. For comfortable sleep, the bed should be located in the darkest place in the room. Space by the window is better used for a desk or a table, so that you can work as long as possible in natural light.

Proper room darkening, or day and night blinds

To ensure a long and restful sleep, make sure you sleep in a cool, muted and well-darkened room. As an alternative to heavy and dust-collecting curtains – which, by the way, visually reduce the space of a studio – you can use blinds and day and night blinds. Fitted to the windows blackout blinds will prove to be an effective protection against the sun’s rays and neighbors’ eyes. Especially noteworthy are accordion roller blinds, which consist of alternately arranged translucent and blackout stripes. Thanks to them you can freely regulate the level of light in the apartment. Roller blinds of this type are easy to install – there is no need to drill anywhere, just mount special brackets on the window frame. Thanks to the non-invasive installation it is convenient to remove the blinds later for cleaning.

If your windows face south, consider buying internal blinds – they may prove invaluable during hot weather. Try to match rnternal blinds to the color of the walls in your apartment. A wide range of colors is available on the market, but to optically enlarge the space, choose light shades.

Comfortable mattress

The basis for a peaceful and restorative sleep is not the bed itself, but the mattress used in it. Its firmness should be matched to your body weight and preferred sleeping style. If you like to sleep on your side, consider a firm mattress that conforms to your body and lets your arms rest. However, if you sleep on your back or stomach more often, consider a firmer mattress so that the pressure is distributed evenly. If you’re struggling with health problems, see if an orthopaedic mattress might be right for you.

The right lighting

With the right choice of lighting, you can vary the space in your home. Your bedroom should have a relaxing atmosphere and you can create that by using soft, warm white light. Lamps with lampshades and lamps designed in a Scandinavian style, which emit soft, non-glare light, work well in this role.

In a small apartment, space should be managed wisely so as not to overcrowd it. If you can’t decide on lighting, buy led strips or wall lamps instead of standing lamps.

Air purifying plants

Plants that purify the air or produce oxygen at night will work well in the bedroom. These include Sternberg’s Zielista, among others. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep too many plants in an enclosed space, but a few carefully chosen species can make your apartment more pleasing to the eye and improve your sleeping comfort.

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