How to use the mCitizen application?

Jak korzystać z aplikacji mObywatel?
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We now have the possibility to use a smartphone to quickly confirm our identity e.g. at the post office or while signing a contract – it is possible thanks to the mObywatel application. See details.

Wherever you need a document with a photo to confirm your identity, you can now use your smartphone. With the free mObywatel application you can confirm your identity and quickly check the identity of others

The application can be used in post offices, hotels, medical points, as well as in stores and services that use mVerify. The application can also be useful e.g. in case of an accident or signing a contract to quickly confirm your and others’ data.

mCitizen is an official government application that allows access to electronic documents and services. It is based on the mIdentity service.

What is mTerity and mVerify?

mIdentity is a service available in the mCitizen application with which you can confirm your identity without using documents. In order to activate it, it is necessary to have a trusted profile. The trusted profile can be set up online.

With mVerifiers, people authorized to verify your personal information verify your identity by looking at your electronic document. The data visible to them is your name and a low-resolution photo.

The application uses the following data:

  • first and last name,
  • date of birth,
  • pESEL number,
  • Data from the Register of Personal Identity Cards, i.e. a photo, expiration date, ID number and information on who issued the document.

Using the mObrytel application, the above data can be displayed on the screen of our smartphone at any time.

Who can use the mObrytel application?

The application can be used by anyone who is of age and has

  • a valid identity card,
  • a trusted profile,
  • a smartphone equipped with Bluetooth and a camera with an operating system:
    • Android in version 6.0 or later,
    • iOS version 11.0.3 or later (phone model – min. iPhone 5s)
  • mObywatel application,
  • internet connection.

The application is free of charge.


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