Selfie stick and tripod in one – how to choose?

Kijek do selfie i statyw w jednym - jak wybrać?
Obraz Ben Kerckx z Pixabay

Want to take the perfect selfie and wondering which selfie stick to choose? Selfie for years has been a form of preserving memories if we do not have a person around to take our picture. Smartphone manufacturers have started creating extra cameras on the front to make it easier, but taking a picture with a selfie stick or tripod is even easier.

This gadget has been making it easier for us to take pictures, especially while traveling. What should you consider when choosing this accessory to be the best for capturing your memories?

  • consider whether you need a tripod stick or a Bluetooth accessory,
  • check the list of smartphones it can connect to,
  • check the build quality.

How to connect to your smartphone

Selfie sticks connect to your phone in different ways. Usually, they communicate through Bluetooth, thanks to which you can connect it to any phone or through 3.5 mm jack port, thanks to which you don’t have to connect through applications on your phone. But nowadays, some phones no longer have a headphone jack.

Selfiestick and tripod in one

Originally selfie sticks were associated with a stick to hold in the hand, but there are exceptions to this. An example is Huawei AF15 or Spigen Spigen S540W, which have folding legs, so you can place it on any surface and turn it into a tripod. Thanks to this you are not doomed only to hand held photos but you can also freely position yourself

Minimum and maximum length

Selfie sticks usually have a telescopic design, so you can easily hide them in your bag or backpack. If you choose one with a longer maximum length, you will be able to get a wider frame while taking a picture. You should also pay attention to the minimum length, because the shorter the selfie stick, the less space it will take up in your bag

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