How do I clean my mirror so that there are no streaks?

Czym umyć lustro, aby nie było smug?
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We often shy away from washing our mirrors because of the unsightly addition associated with it – streaks. There is a way that will allow you to enjoy a clean sheet of your mirrors.

Try to avoid cheap glass and mirror cleaners that you can buy in stores. Many of them have too much soap, which is the main cause of streaks.


For a good start, examine the surface of your mirror for stains from toothpaste, hairspray, food, etc. Often these are harder to clean and wiping over them will cause unsightly streaks. On a cotton swab, apply some isopropyl alcohol (its price starts from 15 zlotys per liter and is available in online stores) and clean any smaller stains. The dirt should be removed quickly because of the fast evaporation of alcohol.


Once you’ve taken care of the smaller items, it’s time to move on to the larger ones. One of the best ways to combat streaks is to use vinegar, a common substance that almost everyone has. Simply mix together one cup of vinegar and one cup of distilled water. Pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle and apply it to a microfiber cloth, not directly to the surface, to prevent the liquid from collecting in the corners of the mirror and possibly getting under the surface, which can contribute to damage. Start cleaning, preferably in a zigzag pattern, from the upper left corner and finish on the lower right corner.

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