How to clean floors at home

Domowy sposób na mycie podłogi
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Floor cleaning is not the favorite activity of household members, so it is worth preparing for it well, so that it lasts a short time. There are many ready-made preparations on the market, but you can also use simple and accessible methods. See home methods for floor cleaning.

Floor cleaning – home methods for cleaning

First, it is worth considering what type of floor you have. Traditional wood floors should be cleaned regularly. This will protect it from scratches caused by, for example, sand. You should also avoid using rough brushes, which can lead to damage.

Daily cleaning of a wooden floor actually consists of vacuuming and washing with warm water. Of course, floorboards can be cleaned with specially designed products, but a homemade solution will also work

All you need to do is prepare 2 liters of warm water and pour a few tablespoons of vinegar into it. To get rid of the not very nice smell, you can add a few drops of natural essential oil. On the other hand, if you add a bit of lemon juice, the wooden boards will shine more.

You will need a microfiber flat mop or a cloth for cleaning. You can also use this solution for laminate and parquet floors.

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