How to arrange a place to study?

Jak urządzić miejsce do nauki?
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Every pupil and student should have their own place to study, especially in this time of pandemonium, when learning has moved to the home. What to look for when decorating a study space?

The right place to study

The place to put the desk should be chosen very precisely, because the student will spend a lot of time at it.

When choosing a place to study you should pay attention to natural light – it is best if the place where the desk will be placed has as much bright and natural light as possible. A great solution is to place the desk right next to a window. A right-handed student should have their desk to the left of the window and a left-handed student to the right.

Daylight is best, but very often it is necessary to light the desk with artificial light. It is worth choosing a lamp, which illuminates the desk well, without taking up too much space. It is best to choose a lamp which has a height adjustment, thanks to which you can adjust it to your needs. Right-handed people should have the lamp on the left side and left-handed people on the right.

The bulb in the lamp should give the most natural color of light, so the best shade will be 3000K or 4000K. The light intensity should be 500-600 lumens.

Desk and chair adjusted to the student

The desk must be well-fitted to the student, so it should be of high quality – so it will serve for many years of use. When buying a desk, pay attention to the shelves and drawers, which will be the perfect place to store various teaching aids. A great solution is to buy a desk with adjustable legs – this way the desk will last much longer.

The chair should be adjusted to your height. It’s a good idea to choose a chair with adjustable height, as it’s easier to fit it to the desk.

A desk combined with a bookcase – is it worth it?

A desk combined with abookcase has recently become a very popular solution, thanks to which you can save space in your room. This is especially important when the space is small. With this solution you can also divide the room into a zone of rest and study.

Desk for two students

If there are two students at home, then you need twice as much space to study. A great space-saving solution is one long desk min. a great space-saving solution is one long desk of at least 180 cm, equipped with several drawers. This way each student will have their own space to study.

Learning-friendly colors

When decorating a place to study, everyone should choose things in light pastel colors, which improve concentration while studying. Dark colors will make him less motivated to study and will make him distracted faster.

How to arrange a place for remote learning?

Remote learning has become common because of the prevailing pandemic. Remote classes affect students at every grade level. Every student needs their own space where they can study. Electronic equipment and other school supplies are necessary for such learning.

Organizing a remote learning space

Remote learning requires more discipline and self-denial from the student than going to school. Therefore, it is important not only the study corner, but also the space around it, because during e-learning it is very often necessary to turn on the camera.

Places for remote learning

A proper place to store things is very important during remote learning. During the lesson, there is no time to look for necessary items such as pens, highlighters or notebooks. Things useful during remote learning are:

  • office accessories – an organizer for stationery is essential,
  • binders and boxes – are necessary to keep order in the student’s drawings and notes,
  • stands and stands – thanks to them the tablet can be used safely and comfortably during lessons.
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