How to liven up small interiors?

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Small interiors can seem quite problematic to many people. So how to arrange them to be not only aesthetic, but also functional? We suggest what to do to enliven a small room.

You have no idea how to enliven a small interior? We come with help! Find out how to arrange a small space to be both aesthetic and functional

What colors to choose?

In small interiors, a huge role is played by the color scheme, especially the colors in which the basis of the room, namely the walls, ceiling and floor. The best will certainly be bright shades, which will optically enlarge the interior. However, you do not have to decide on classic white – slightly livelier colors, such as delicate pastels, as well as elegant shades of gray and beige, will work just as well. Make sure the walls have a smooth texture as well

The color scheme is also very important when decorating small bathrooms or kitchens. When choosing ceramic tiles for these interiors, also try to make them quite light. Finishing of tiles also plays a significant role in this case. Glossy ones are best, as they reflect light beautifully, optically enlarging your interior at the same time

Furniture for small rooms

Although wall colors are very important, we can’t forget about the color of furniture. Here it is also worth betting on bright, not overwhelming colors. However, in order to enliven the interior and give it character, you can decide on a stronger accent in the form of a sofa with an intensive color, for example red, dark bottle green or turquoise. This way the interior will still be optically enlarged with delicate light shades, but at the same time enlivened with a beautiful color accent.

And what form of furniture should you choose? First of all, a light one. This will also make your interior seem light, and not unnecessarily cluttered. For example, furniture on legs will work great, but make sure that the legs are delicate, shapely and thin. It is also a good idea to choose furniture that is high rather than wide, and to replace closed cabinets with shelves as often as possible

Choosing accessories

A huge role in enlivening the apartment are, of course, accessories. In this role, all kinds of flowers, both cut and potted, will work best. Thanks to them the interior will become more vivid and closer to nature, which will certainly make it easier for you to relax. The best potted plants for an apartment, which do not require excessive gardening skills from their owners, include monsters, dracaenas, all kinds of succulents and various species of cacti.

As decorations of a small interior will also work well all wall decorations that do not “steal” valuable space. Hanging photos or colorful pictures on the walls, you will certainly breathe some life into it. Remember, however, not to exaggerate with their quantity. A perfect decoration for a wall in a small room are also mirrors. They will additionally reflect light and magnify the interior perfectly.

À propos of light – it is also very important. Try to have both spot and diffused light in the room and take care of maximum amount of natural light. And don’t cover your windows with heavy, dark curtains or roller blinds so as not to ruin the effect.

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