How to prepare a table for special occasions?

Jak przygotować stół na szczególne okazje?
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Christmas is coming and your tableware is limited to two plates, one plate and three bowls? What’s more, each piece of kitchen equipment differs from one another in color, and the cups have clear signs of use? Shopping seems to be an unpleasant duty, but, as always when decorating your own home, it can be a pleasure and a way to express yourself. After all, who in your own four walls will forbid you to choose a set of plates with red dots?

If the only tableware you have in your apartment are the plates your parents gave you for your new way of life, it is good to think about expanding your collection. Although communist era is back in style, old duralex cups are probably not your design dreams come true. With a few simple tips, you can decorate in your own way and never again run out of forks for an unannounced guest.

The tablecloth is essential

Naturally, you have to start preparing the table by choosing the right tablecloth. Although there is some room for manoeuvre here, as placemats work just as well. If you want to have an elegant dinner, opt for the textile ones; if you want to have a less formal dinner, the ones made of cork or plastic will do just as well. If you are a fan of more traditional solutions, make sure the tablecloth is thoroughly ironed and hangs evenly on each side of the table.

Right or left?

Which side to put the fork and which side to put the knife on is an eternal dilemma of every generation. However, before we get down to arranging cutlery on the table, let’s first take a moment to choose the right set. The choice is not as limited as it may seem. For minimalist lovers, a basic cutlery set with a simple design will be the best; for those with unconventional taste, sets with handles in different colors will be a great choice; and fans of modern solutions should be interested in cutlery with golden, matte finish. And when you choose a set that meets your requirements, remember that it is the spoon and the knife that should lie on the right side of the plate!

The main course

Dinnerware is useful not only for bigger occasions and gatherings. A set of plates for six people is a must-have piece of furniture in every home. This is one of those purchases that will make you feel like a real adult. The next time you organize a meeting at your place with your new tableware, your guests will feel like they are dining at the best restaurant. Remember to arrange the plates according to the order of serving. This usually means a large flat plate at the bottom, a smaller flat plate in the middle, and a deep plate on top

Time for dessert

After dinner it’s time for dessert, and it’s a good idea to serve a warm beverage with dessert. It’s silly to give your guests your grandmother’s old bruised cup, so get some porcelain mugs that your guests will enjoy drinking coffee or tea from. A great solution for leaf tea lovers is to buy special cups with a brewer, which will allow you to strain the brew and enjoy the drink to the full. Although you probably wouldn’t even think about using a sugar bowl or a creamer – after all, sugar is best poured from a bag and milk is best poured from a carton – when you invite your loved ones for a party, it is good to extend your tableware with these elements

Pay attention to details

When setting the table, remember to use accessories to complement stylish tableware, a new set of cutlery, and tasteful cups. A bouquet of fresh flowers or scented candles will make your guests feel really special. Napkins are also an indispensable part of a dinner party and you don’t have to worry about not being able to create fancy napkin arrangements – after all, why are there online tutorials?

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