How to illuminate the attic?

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The attic is usually full of bevels and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, so it can be quite a challenge when it comes to lighting arrangements. So we suggest how to make your attic a cozy, functional and beautifully lit place

Main light in the attic

No interior, including the attic, can lack the main light. Usually in the role of such lighting we see hanging lamps or beautifully decorated chandeliers. In the attic, however, this is impossible because of the slanted ceilings – large hanging lamps will be simply not functional, and often even impossible to hang. So what to do? If your attic has a lot of bevels, then wall lamps will work great as the main lighting. They allow you to adjust the direction of light, which will provide the right amount of it for work, reading or other activities. In addition, they will be a spectacular decoration of the wall. Halogen lamps are another solution, which will be very useful in the attic. It is worth choosing models with movable frames, which will allow you to adjust the light in any direction.

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Spot and diffused light as a supplement to lighting

It is also worth taking care of the right amount of spot light, which will be a kind of supplement to the main light. Standing lamps are perfect for this role. It is not only a perfect supplementary lighting, but also a decoration of a living room or a bedroom. If you want a model for reading or work, choose a LED lamp. Remember that properly selected lighting affects the perception of the space of each interior, and an interesting arrangement will allow you to work or relax effectively, so it is worth taking care of a comfortable type of light

Standing lamps also give great possibilities when it comes to arrangement. They can perfectly emphasize the character of the interior. So if you like minimalistic and industrial decor, the best solution will be reflector lamps. However, if you prefer a more elegant atmosphere of glamour, you will definitely like lamps with crystals. On the other hand, fans of vintage will certainly fall in love with beautiful lamps with fabric lampshades.

In rooms such as the attic a great solution is also diffused light, for example in the form of led tapes. You can place them under the furniture (which is perfect for the kitchen in the attic) or mounted on the ledge. Such lighting will introduce a very cozy atmosphere and will look very impressive.

Use daylight

Daylight can play a huge role in the attic. Therefore, when decorating the attic, it is worth taking care that there are a lot of roof windows or windows mounted in the gable walls. Thanks to that the whole room will be evenly lit during the day

It is also worth remembering to arrange the interior according to the presence of windows – if, for example, you want strong lighting for your desk, place it right next to the window. Natural light will also help you optically enlarge the interior. If you paint the walls of the attic in bright colors such as white, beige or light pastels, daylight will reflect beautifully from them and your interior will look larger. In addition, natural light is much more comfortable for your eyes, and it also allows you to relax and unwind more easily.

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