Alcohol glassware – what kind is useful at home?

Are you shopping for a new house or apartment and wondering what glassware is worth having? That’s a very good thing, because properly selected glasses help to display alcohol and make the beverage taste better! Check out what is worth buying.

Glasses for alcohol – it is worth choosing the right one!

It is not the case that alcohol tastes the same in every glass. A well-chosen vessel magnificently enhances the qualities, enhancing the taste and aroma of the drink. It is also impossible not to notice that a properly selected glass presents itself very elegantly on the table and best displays the alcoholic beverages we offer. That’s why it’s worth putting a lot of effort into the selection – your guests are sure to be pleased. But how not to get lost in it?

Check which glassware goes with which alcohol.

Vodka glasses

Although not everyone has, for example, glasses at home designed for serving whisky, in most homes you will find vodka glasses. They should be transparent, and as for the shape – here there is freedom. Popular are glasses with a thick bottom, but glass manufacturers also offer, for example, vodka glasses on legs, which, we must admit, look very stylish and elegant. It is accepted that they are suitable for serving high-quality vodka. 

If we are already at glasses, lovers of liquors and liqueurs should get glasses on a high leg. Surely you will also associate larger, round glasses for brandy and cognac.

Wine glasses

This is another type of glasses that most people have at home – we are, of course, talking about glassware for serving wine. If you appreciate this beverage, you definitely need to stock up on them. Red wine is served in cracked glasses in the shape of a tulip. White wine, on the other hand, is served in slightly smaller glasses, which have a narrow and slender bowl. In turn, lovers of rosé wine drink it in a glass with a much narrower and shorter bowl. Completely different are those for champagne – we drink from tall and slender glasses with straight walls and a small capacity.

Glasses for beer

Beer, too, is a drink that tastes better in a glass than drunk directly from a can or bottle. Specific beer glasses are used for this purpose. Here we have much more to choose from than classic beer mugs. On the market we can find simple beer glasses, as well as pokals, or glasses on a leg. The latter undoubtedly look interesting on the table. Craft beer glasses are also common.

Drinking glasses

It is also increasingly popular to drink colorful drinks made at home. In this case, we can find really quite a lot of glassware proposals. For classics such as mojitos we use a highball glass, while margaritas are served in a glass called coupette – equipped with an additional bowl. In turn, a glass resembling the shape of an inverted cone is the ideal glass for serving martinis.

What kind of glass for alcohol is necessary to have at home? Certainly, before shopping, it is worth considering what kind of liquor we are most likely to consume. Vodka glasses, wine glasses or beer glasses tend to be the most common choices. Should you buy a glass for serving martinis? This is already a very individual question.

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