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How to cope with autumn melancholy? Tips for a single

Has the autumn despondency hit you? It’s tough, especially for singles. We suggest how to sweeten this time a bit and put yourself in a good mood despite the not so favorable atmosphere around you.

Autumn melancholy – it happens to everyone

The autumn aura is difficult for many people, regardless of their life situation. The end of summer and less sunshine is not indifferent to anyone – this is clear. On top of that, the diet becomes somewhat poorer in fruits and vegetables.

Although autumn is a season that a lot of people – to put it mildly – do not like, it does not have to be that way at all. And it’s certainly possible to try to sweeten it up with some pretty simple steps. Learn more – what to do to feel better?

Bet on movement

This is simple advice, but it’s the most effective. The worst thing we can do for our health and well-being in autumn is to permanently hole up at home under a blanket and meditate. Although, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you can’t overdo it either. 

That’s why in autumn it’s worth taking care of oxygenation of the body and endorphins, the stimulation of which can be helped by a solid dose of exercise, preferably in the fresh air. Walking among colorful leaves is not a bad option. However, if you’re not feeling it, or the weather is not conducive, a squeeze at the gym will also make you feel better.

Indulge your palate

Tasty food improves your mood – that much is clear. We don’t at all mean squeezing tons of sweets into yourself, although a cube of your favorite chocolate certainly can’t hurt.

Since we generally spend more time at home in autumn, why not use it for quality cooking? You can explore new, healthy and filling recipes that until now you simply lacked time for. An aesthetically prepared, delicious dish can certainly improve your mood.

Watch cinema classics

Long lonely evenings don’t have to be boring. Maybe this is the moment when you should prepare yourself a list of classic movies that audiences love, but that you haven’t seen before? This is the perfect opportunity to finally catch up with them.

Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll also acquire topics of conversation with other cinephiles. How about signing up for an online discussion forum and meeting new and interesting people?

How about a little remodeling?

Nothing improves the mood as much as small changes, for example, in the apartment or even just in the closet. Rearranging furniture or painting a wall a different color can help with the autumn blues.

Treating yourself to a fashionable sweater or shirt also seems like a pretty good idea to make you smile. 

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