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How to take care of your dog’s hygiene?

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Many people believe that pets are associated with unpleasant odors. The truth is, however, that the unpleasant smell is not the fault of the pet itself, but rather its owner, who does not take care of its hygiene sufficiently. Unfortunately, many dog owners simply do not know how to do it. Learn how to take care of your pet’s hygiene

Cleanliness of dog’s property

In order to prevent the unpleasant smell of dog in the house, you should take care of the cleanliness of the objects that he uses every day. Ripping plushies should be hand washed in hot water and gray soap to kill the smell of dried dog saliva. When choosing a dog bed, such as at, choose one with a cover that can be removed and washed. Avoid chemical cleaners and strong scents. Choose grey soap or laundry nuts, which will leave behind a synthetic and irritating smell for your dog’s nose, but will effectively kill the mites that cause the smell. Also wash your dog’s bowls regularly every meal, which can be a source of fetor, especially if your dog eats wet food that spoils in the bowl and spreads the stench of rotting meat throughout the house

Coat brushing and bathing

Don’t overdo bathing your dog. Its natural bacterial flora and the lipid layer covering the dog’s skin are very delicate and unless there is a need, such as a vet’s recommendation or a mud bath on a walk, avoid frequent bathing. Use only shampoo designed for dogs, dilute it in a bowl or container and only apply it to the coat in this form. Bathing should be done about every three months, not more often. Brushing the coat also helps to maintain the dog’s hygiene. With a special brush you can not only collect dead hair that has already fallen out and take care of the skin, but also clean the hair and comb out everything that should not be in it. The condition of the skin and coat is greatly affected by your dog’s nutrition, so choose a good, high-meat, grain-free food. Always read the composition of what you’re giving your dog, because if you’re not aware of the composition of your dog’s food, you could do him a lot of harm. You can search for quality dog food at

Dog’s oral hygiene

Although it wasn’t obvious until recently and many people reacted to this idea with an indulgent smile, brushing your dog’s teeth twice a day is necessary. The best way to do this is to use an enzymatic toothpaste designed for dogs and a toothbrush for children ages 3 to 6. Some people prefer to use a silicone finger cap for brushing, which can also be a convenient way. By brushing your teeth, you’ll prevent tartar from building up on your enamel, keeping your mouth free of inflammation. Without tartar and periodontal disease, the smell from your dog’s mouth won’t be off-putting. If your dog’s teeth are already covered with tartar, the first thing you need to do is visit the vet, who will clean them under anesthesia and prepare for further care. No amount of toothpaste, water remedy or sea algae in the diet will dissolve the tartar that is already in the mouth

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Don’t neglect your pet’s basic needs, such as cleanliness and hygiene

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