7 ideas for changing the look of your home – fast and cheap

7 ideas for changing the look of your home – fast and cheap
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Most often we approach any renovation with a certain amount of distrust. We think that the changes will be expensive, and in the meantime there will be several things that should be replaced or repaired.

The changes do not have to be so drastic! We recommend that you look through magazines, choose your favorite home style and then implement its elements into your own rooms. Below, we list 7 ideas that will help you quickly, easily and manually carry out a metamorphosis of your interior

Change the color of the walls

We are talking here about changing not only the color, but also the patterns of the walls. Recently wallcoverings, wall murals or panels that look like wood have become extremely fashionable. In 2021 green, beige or brown walls will be the most fashionable. On their fragments dominate floral patterns, and the whole is completed with gold.

If you want to have a fashionable interior, you do not have to hire professionals, just choose a color and get to work

Introduce more colors into the apartment

This is another idea related to colors. If you do not want or do not have time to paint the walls or glue wallpaper, you can always change the decor of the rooms. There are cheap accessories available in stores so this idea won’t blow your budget.

We recommend introducing textiles or elegant ceramics into your home. Small details like a bedspread, cushions in a strong color or a colourful rug in the bathroom are also great options.

Decorate your walls

Empty walls can be overwhelming and make you feel bad. We recommend hanging pictures of yourself and your loved ones on them or sticking stickers.

The biggest advantage is the ability to stick and peel them off without destroying the surface of the wall. Thanks to that, wall stickers can be placed almost anywhere! They look nicest in empty hallways and living room.

Make use of old objects

Things not thrown away are worth putting to use once again. Take a look around your home and look for long unused items. Look in the attic and basement. You may find that you have more than you think.

Moreover, such changes are good for our environment. We recommend making a shoebox from old pallets or crates. Wooden things will always find a new use in the house, for example, as interesting shelves in a rustic style.

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Choose the right lighting

This is another easy-to-follow item on our list of ideas. Illuminate your rooms if they are too dark. Replace the bulbs with stronger ones, or change the whole chandeliers, although this is more expensive. The apartment should be bright!

Put a tall lamp in the living room and smaller lamps on bedside tables. The corner for reading and relaxation should also be illuminated. Light makes rooms warmer and more homey. An interesting idea is to change lampshades for models that add color to the room

Liven up your home with potted flowers

Flowers are the best way to liven up your home. Plants not only decorate rooms but also make people feel better. Their benefits are countless, some of the most popular being their air freshening and purifying and calming properties.

Choose plants that grow in pots. If you’re new to gardening, choose plants that don’t require complicated care. These include aloe vera, zamiokulkas and numerous species of cacti. Remember to think about the color of the pots. They should match the décor of the entire interior

New curtains and drapes

The appearance of windows is very important in an apartment. If you want to change the décor of the rooms, take care of the windows as well. Put on some light curtains if you want to give the apartment some space. On the other hand, if you like dimmed interiors, it is recommended to buy heavier curtains. The color should match the arrangement of the entire apartment

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