Cleaning granite surfaces

Granite is a popular stone used for flooring and countertops because of its durability and beautiful colors. Over time, the surfaces of granite may need to be cleaned to remove dust, dirt, and other build-up. Here is a guide to cleaning granite surfaces to restore its original look.

Gathering cleaning supplies

When it comes to cleaning granite surfaces, it is important to select the right supplies. It is best to use an approved granite quartz marble cleaner or mild soap solution to gently wash the surface. When cleaning the granite, a non-abrasive soft cloth is best for removing dirt and residue. It is important to use a polish specifically made for granite quartz marble surfaces.

Wiping the surface

When it comes to cleaning granite surfaces, it is important to be gentle. Start by using a clean, damp cloth to wipe the granite in a circular motion. If a soap solution is needed, it is best to dilute it with warm water and dampen a soft cloth before gently scrubbing the surface. If a stain persists, using a slightly damp, soft cloth and granite quartz marble cleaner may be needed to get the job done.

Polishing granite

Once the surface has been thoroughly wiped and dried, polishing granite, quartz, and marble surfaces will give them an extra shine and restore their original look. First, lightly dampen the surface with warm water. Apply the granite quartz marble cleaner polish directly onto the cloth, then use the cloth to evenly spread it on the granite surface. Let the polish sit on the granite for 10 minutes before buffing with a dry cloth to complete the process.

Final thoughts

Cleaning and polishing granite surfaces can be a straightforward process. To clean granite quartz, and marble surfaces, be sure to select the right supplies, such as a non-abrasive soft cloth and a polish made for granite surfaces. It is also important to use a gentle approach when wiping the surface and a circular motion for the best results. For an extra shine, applying granite quartz marble polish and buffing with a dry cloth can help restore the original look.

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