Cleaning accessories – your essentials!

Cleaning accessories – your essentials!
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What should you have on hand to quickly clean your home? A brush, a mop with wringer, a bucket… Or maybe you should go for modernity and buy a steam mop? Here are a few tips that will allow us to easily complete a home cleaning essentials.

Why is it so important to choose accessories for cleaning?

We need to keep in mind that we will encounter different types of dirt as we use our homes. Each of these may require slightly different techniques. A good selection of equipment will be the first step to cleaning not only effectively, but also efficiently and quickly. What should you have on hand?

Absolute essentials

First of all, we need to get protective gloves made of rubber. It is worth caring for the environment and buy thicker, reusable gloves. They will allow us to safely clean even with the use of agents that can irritate the skin, but they can be successfully used repeatedly

There is also a need for garbage bags. We can also find fully biodegradable products on the market. Why contribute to the production of tons of plastic when you can bet on technologies that are better for the environment?

What for dry cleaning?


A handy dusting broom will be a big help in taking care of the daily cleanliness of the house. It is also not always possible to completely replace it with a functional vacuum cleaner. Indoors, we tend to use a soft rubber broom, but we should also have a broom on a stick (e.g. a birch broom) to help us quickly remove dirt from outside the door


A small piece of home equipment that is absolutely necessary in our daily struggle with dust. It is worth choosing microfiber cloths, which can be successfully washed and used repeatedly

Dustpan and sweeper

A set that is perfect for emergencies. If you have guests in the house and one of them accidentally knocks a plate, it would be awkward to come into the living room with the vacuum cleaner on. With a dustpan and sweeper, the problem can be quickly dealt with

Vacuum cleaner

We have a choice of different models of devices – bagged or bagless, more or less modern. You should be guided by the functionality of the vacuum cleaner, but also that it is an energy-efficient device

Wet cleaning

Mop bucket or steam mop?

Choosing a steam mop has many advantages. Such a device is obviously more expensive, but thanks to the action of high temperature, it deals with difficult stains more easily and destroys pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to it, it is also more difficult to leave behind unsightly damp patches and streaks. It is also quiet, convenient, accelerates cleaning and exposes us to less contact with waste.

Traditional mops with a squeezer will also do the job. We have a choice of mops – flat, rotary or sponge. The choice is a matter of our preferences and which tool we find easier and more efficient to work with

Spray bottle

This is especially useful when you need to clean windows. It is best to have several at home.

Sponges and window cleaner

Sponges can be useful not only for washing dishes. It is worth having a larger supply of them at home. If you have exceptionally large windows, it may be a good idea to buy a pressure washer for windows, which will make the work much easier.

What else to remember about?

It is essential to choose the right cleaning products for different surfaces in your home. This issue often arouses controversy: choose a typical chemical from the store, or use home methods?

Chemistry or household methods?

Using home remedies for stains comes down to frequent use of vinegar, baking soda, but sometimes also baking powder, ice or lemon juice.

Is it worth it? Certainly, these preparations are better for the environment than detergents. They can be effective, but usually you have to use them immediately after the stain appears. A compromise option may be to buy ready-made liquids, which were created with care for the lowest possible burden on the environment.

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