The weather station – everything you need to know about it

The weather station – everything you need to know about it
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Before leaving the house you wonder what to wear? Should you take an umbrella or maybe sunglasses? Do you check the temperature on the internet or TV? No more. From now on the weather station will allow you to monitor the weather conditions outside. Find out how this device works and what to pay attention to when buying it.

What is a weather station?

It is a device the size of a larger telephone. It is usually mounted on the wall. It informs you about the most important aspects of the weather – the number of degrees outside, the amount of atmospheric pressure and the humidity level. This is the basic information contained in any weather station. Some have an elaborate system and notify you additionally about wind speed, expected amount of precipitation and UV radiation

This mechanism often receives radio signals that automatically adjust the date and time. Another option are sensors, with which you read what you are interested in. The most important thing is that the sensor is installed in the right place. For example, the temperature sensor should be placed no less than two meters above the ground and in a non-sunny place. Always check that it agrees with the instructions that come with the instrument and stick to the guidelines written there anyway

What types of weather stations are there?

There are many different types on the market. First of all you should think about what data you will need most. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to spend money on something that shows the UV dose outside? Some of the most well-known versions include:

Analog weather stations

These are basic instruments that don’t need additional power, radio or internet signals. They report temperature, humidity and pressure. They resemble clocks in appearance.

Digital weather stations

They work by receiving radio signals transmitted on a specific frequency. These devices will inform you about the temperature, humidity level, wind speed, and weather forecast for the next few days.

Internet weather stations

They work through a Wi-Fi connection. The weather data is displayed on the monitor by using a connection to Internet services, and is constantly updated.

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How to choose the best weather station?

In this matter, the most important are the parameters. When choosing a weather station, it is essential to take into account:

Type of power supply

Models available in stores are battery-powered, network-powered or wireless For the latter it is necessary to use a Wi-Fi connection

The type of screen

Developers offer color or black and white displays

Type of information provided

Before buying, check what exactly your new gadget will give. Is it just the temperature and pressure, or maybe also the predicted weather for the next days and moon phases? Most of these types of mechanisms also have a built-in clock and calendar. Some also have an alarm clock function.

Place of measurement

Stations can be set up indoors and outdoors or just indoors.

Choose the functions that are closest to your needs. It is also a great idea for an original gift.

The advantages of owning a weather station

This apparatus carries a lot of advantages. It keeps you up to date with the weather conditions so you can protect yourself from them – with sunglasses, an umbrella or warm clothes. All the information is available in one place, making it easier to read. The look of modern stations is neutral and progressive. It is not something that will haunt your home. The data shown on the display is especially important to people who are sensitive to changes in weather conditions

The price of a weather station

You already know what parameters are fundamental and that your preferences are equally important. The question now is how much to spend on such equipment? Basic stations can be bought for as little as several dozen PLN. More advanced ones, which will suit the needs of most people, cost within 100-150 PLN. On the other hand, lovers of electronic toys and innovations can prepare themselves for the cost of even several hundred zlotys.

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