How to fold clothes so they don’t get crumpled?

How to fold clothes so they don’t get crumpled?
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Putting your own house in order should start with what you have in your closet. There is no point in ironing clothes if they will end up in a place where everything is in a mess anyway

In addition, heavily creased clothes will be more difficult to iron later – nobody likes a long struggle with a crumpled shirt. How to fold clothes so that they do not get crumpled? Here are simple but effective tips

Why fold clothes?

Part of the answer to this question has already been given. Folded clothes will be better ironed, sometimes we will not have to prepare them this way at all. Thanks to this, there will always be properly prepared clothes in the closet – even if we sleep to work, we will not have to go to work in a crumpled shirt and pants.

Folded clothes mean more space in the closet

Sometimes people forget about this, which is a mistake. By effectively folding our clothes, we can definitely use our closet space more efficiently. In turn, this allows us to reduce the amount of this furniture in the space of our apartment. When folding shirts, shirts, sweaters and pants, we can also carry out their selection – leaving ourselves only what we will actually walk around in

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How to fold shirts in a clever way?

It is worth doing, because T-shirts are the basis of a huge number of styles and can be very necessary in an unexpected moment. Where to start? The best way is to fold your shirts in a way that makes them easy to store in your closet and carry in your suitcase. The classic way, of course, is to lay the t-shirt out flat and smooth its surface. Next:

  • lay the T-shirt face down,
  • fold the shirt inward a quarter of the way,
  • from the shoulders to the bottom of the shirt form a straight line,
  • then do exactly the same with the other side,
  • the result is an even rectangle into which the shirt is now folded,
  • you can stop there or, to save space, fold the shirt in ⅓ more height and in half.

How to fold a shirt? This way, your clothes won’t get creased

We can also deal with the shirt in this way to fold it in the closet or carry it in the suitcase without crumpling the fabric.

How to do it? When packing for a trip, we need to take care not only of the shirts, but also of the proper distribution of various items in our suitcase or bag. Inside, our clothes must not be pressed from above by other things, but too much slack in the interior will also end up with crumpled shirts.

How to fold clothes?

  • start by buttoning all the buttons of the shirt together with the collar,
  • then lay it down with the buttons facing down,
  • fold the sides towards the middle, leave the sleeves along the sides,
  • smooth the material in such a way as to remove unnecessary folds,
  • the shirt can be folded twice or three times – probably the first option will be better, but it depends on the amount of space in your bag or closet.

Often a stiff cardboard pad is also used to fold the shirt. The whole thing looks just like new pieces laid out on a stand. Another way to help transport a shirt in a bag or suitcase without creasing it is to place it in a plastic or string bag. It will then be less exposed to direct contact with other materials.

How to fold suit pants?

This is another item of clothing that happens to get crumpled during travel or storage. How to fold them? The pants with an edge are always folded along the edge. Even if you intend to store them on a hanger, they should be prepared this way. However, it is a mistake to fold along the seams.

Such solution makes the elegantly pressed edges look great after putting the pants on.

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