Can wallpaper be painted? How to do it?

Can wallpaper be painted? How to do it?
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There are vinyl, paper and fiberglass wallpapers on the market. All these types can be repainted with dispersion paints, that is, the most ordinary emulsions for painting

In a situation when you only want to refresh your interior, it is enough to repaint the walls with a different color. This is not a time-consuming job, but a quick and economical renovation, which will make your house change. Worried about having wallpaper on your walls? Do not worry, because now there are ways and are available in stores paints, which you can easily repaint them. You do not have to bother with tearing off wallpaper and applying plaster

Painting wallpaper will allow you to speed up and reduce the scope of renovation work. Not so long ago, the most fashionable way to decorate a wall was to stick wallpaper on it. However, fashion changes and now many people opt for minimalism. The most popular are plain, white walls

Can all wallpaper be repainted?

Not all wallpaper is suitable for repainting. The most popular wallpapers are fiberglass wallpaper, raufaz wallpaper, and paper wallpaper


Fiberglass is a material that is very resistant to impact and deformation. It changes its form under the influence of moisture, thanks to this you can reach for rollers and brushes and repaint such wallpaper without any fear. A great advantage of glass wallpapers is the possibility of painting them even seven times, retaining the original pattern at the same time

Ruffaz wallpaper

In turn the raufaz wallpaper is chosen with a view to future renovation or the need to change the color scheme. It makes the wall gain an interesting look and can have an unusual texture. The raufaz wallpaper is most often found in the color white, after its sticking for a long time you can enjoy the elegant shade, which can be easily repainted later. Like fiberglass wallpaper, raffaz wallpaper has the ability to be repainted several times

Paper wallpaper

Not all paper wallpaper can be painted. Before you decide to choose such wallpaper, think carefully whether you will want to change the color of the wall after some time. When buying, make sure that the chosen model can be treated with paint. If there is information on it that the product is resistant to moisture, you can be sure that there are no contraindications to its painting.

How to paint wallpaper? Step by step

Wondering how to paint wallpaper? Very important is the condition of wallpaper, which we want to renew, so first make sure that it does not peel off the surface. If this is the case, it should be glued.

Then vacuum the wallpaper and remove all dirt and stains from its surface, wiping with a damp cloth. Wait for the wall to dry thoroughly. Remember that wallpaper must not be primed. However, before you start the repainting stage, be sure to use a primer. Thanks to it, you will prepare the surface for applying the topcoat emulsion. After it dries you can start painting your wallpaper.

Use a wide roller with long bristles. Thanks to it you can cover all nooks and crannies. If your wallpaper is smooth, a roller with shorter bristles will work well. Try to spread the paint evenly from the top to the bottom. Do not press the roller against the wall too hard. In case you need to touch up the wall, paint the whole surface once again. This way you will get the best result

What kind of paint to choose for painting wallpaper?

Emulsion paints work best for painting wallpaper. They create a smooth, tight and adhesive coat, which is resistant to various factors, such as scrubbing

There are three types of paints for painting wallpaper:

  • depressive paints – it is recommended to use them for vinyl and fiberglass wallpapers. It is most often chosen for slightly damaged surfaces;
  • latex paint – ideal for paper wallpaper, as well as vinyl wallpaper. It is intended to cover the surface well and effectively mask small defects;
  • satin paints – are designed to highlight the patterns found on vinyl and fiberglass wallpapers. However, they should not be chosen in the case of very damaged surfaces, because they highlight flaws.

Each paint has its own individual application. Therefore, before you decide to paint your wallpaper, think carefully about the effect you want to achieve

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