Wooden furniture restoration for beginners

Wooden furniture restoration for beginners
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How to renovate old wood furniture to make it look great in the bathroom, kitchen or living room? Wood is a material that is not only elegant and stylish, but also durable. All you need to do is take care of it and know how to restore it if necessary. What should be kept in mind when renovating wooden furniture? We suggest

Renovating wooden furniture. Where to start?

Restoring wood furniture does not have to be difficult – the vast majority of work can be done in your own workshop. You just need to follow certain rules.

Furniture restoration is becoming increasingly popular

DIY jobs have become very popular thanks to social media. In practice, very impressive metamorphoses can be made by restoring old furniture. By restoring old furniture, we promote living in a less waste style. Why throw away cabinets made of wood or board, when you can give them a new design

Good design is essential

During the work we can use at least several different techniques. The most intuitive one is painting. A very popular technique is also veneering, which is quite simple. The only things we need in this case are patience and great accuracy. Sometimes a great metamorphosis is achieved when we clean the surface of the furniture from paint and expose the natural grain.

Wooden furniture restoration step by step

If you want your renovation to be successful, you need to follow the instructions. What should you remember?

Assessing the initial condition

It’s hard to think about refinishing old furniture at all without assessing the old coatings and the wood beneath them. Wood has it that a lot depends on how it is stored. So first, we need to check the furniture for any cavities. These need to be filled before moving on to the actual part of the restoration work. It is also necessary to check whether there are any insects in the wood – then they should be exterminated by applying an appropriate preparation.

Removing old coatings

The next step is to clean the furniture of old paint or varnish. Even when we are dealing with raw wood, we should clean the dirt with sandpaper, a sander or a scraper. Sometimes, especially when painting with certain types of paint, we should roughen the surface in order to make the product adhere better to the surface


After such preliminary work, the surface remains very dusty. Before painting or veneering it must be thoroughly vacuumed, then washed and left to dry. All this is done in order for the paint or veneer to adhere well to the surface.


In case of cabinets and closets with hardware, hinges and handles, we should disassemble all the parts that will hinder our later painting. The whole thing will be put back together after the main stage of renovation.

Painting or veneering

First of all, we need to choose an appropriate paint or a fairly durable and aesthetically pleasing veneer. For painting itself, we will need larger or smaller brushes and a paint roller. A sharp paper knife will come in handy when veneering. When covering wood with paint, we need to read the instructions on the packaging of the product. Remember that the application of a second coat is possible only after the first coat has dried out.

What should I paint my wooden furniture with?

The basic dilemma is whether to use paint, impregnate, varnish or stain. Among the paints we can choose those that create a durable and hard coating, but also, for example, decorative chalk paints, which highlight the beautiful grain of the wood. Another product that is worth using is varnish stain. It not only protects the wood, but also gives it color

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