What are the characteristics of an ecological house?

What are the characteristics of an ecological house?
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Interest in ecology is constantly growing and concern for the environment manifests itself in many aspects of life. One of them is the construction industry – investors more and more often decide on houses which have not only been built with respect for nature but also their exploitation has a negligible impact on the environment. What are the characteristics of such objects? What conditions must they meet?

Ecological house – what should it be like?

For the house to be called ecological, its friendliness to nature should be visible in every aspect. It is therefore about :

  • project selection,
  • construction technology,
  • construction materials used,
  • type of heating equipment,
  • type of installation (electric, sewage, heating).

All these elements should be chosen in such a way to maximally limit the influence of the construction process and building exploitation on the natural environment. How does it look like in practice?

If you plan to build and want your house to be ecological, first of all find the right project. Most often it is assumed that environmentally friendly houses are also energy-efficient, which is influenced by high insulation and the type of building block. The more compact the structure, the less heat is lost, and consequently the lower energy demand. That is why projects of houses with such forms should interest you

What else is important in the context of ecological building? It is worth mentioning:

  • use of natural raw materials for construction (wood, concrete, stone),
  • installations using green energy (photovoltaic, heat pumps),
  • domestic sewage treatment plant,
  • energy-efficient household appliances,
  • biomass heating (wood pellets, eco-pea coal).

You can read more about what an ecological house should be like here: https://rankomat.pl/nieruchomosci/dom-ekologiczny. You will also check the basic differences between environmentally friendly building and traditional.

Running costs of ecological house

For many investors, the key role is played by the cost, not only of construction, but most importantly, the operation of the building in which they intend to live. How does it look in the context of ecological houses?

The cost of their construction is usually not very different from the cost of erecting a traditional building. Sometimes it may be slightly higher, which is associated with the use of unconventional solutions. However, you can count on significant savings during operation. Most ecological solutions are also energy-saving, thanks to which the benefit from their use is doubled. What are we talking about?

About such installations such as:

  • photovoltaics,
  • solars,
  • heat pumps,
  • domestic sewage treatment plants,
  • recuperation,
  • rainwater harvesting systems.

If you combine several of them, you can count on significant savings of money and at the same time care for the environment.

Should I insure ecological house?

Ecological house, like any other, is worth insuring. In addition to the basic package, which usually covers risks such as:

  • burglary,
  • heavy rain,
  • gusty wind,
  • fall of a tree or mast,
  • lightning strike,

it is also worth thinking about a policy that covers an increased risk of fire. You can check how much such insurance costs on the website: https://rankomat.pl/ubezpieczenie-mieszkania-i-domu/kalkulator, where you can compare offers from many insurers

Ecological houses are often built of wood and their roofs are often covered with straw or shingles. These are flammable materials and it is worth taking this into account

Main photo: Pixabay/pexels.com

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