How to clean the oven? Proven ways

How to clean the oven? Proven ways
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Good ways to clean your oven don’t just involve using expensive and environmentally harmful specialty chemicals. You can also use simple tricks that involve using what you have on hand. Here are some proven methods.

Cleaning the oven – where to start?

The basis is the right way to start cleaning. It is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also to prepare healthy and tasty dishes. In the case of such equipment, the biggest challenge is usually old dirt and burns. Already here it is worth noting that it is best to react to stains quickly. For each of them it is worth to properly choose cleaning agents

How to prepare for cleaning the oven?

First of all, you need to wait until the equipment cools down. Without that we can expose ourselves to burns and cleaning agents can change their properties under the influence of temperature. For example, they may not be as effective.

Additionally, you should remove all moving elements from the oven interior – especially baking trays and grates. It will be easier to clean them separately. The cleaning itself should be done with rubber gloves: take care of your hands!

Regularity is important

By cleaning the oven regularly, you will less often be confronted with very troublesome stains. In addition, it will save more time with each cleaning. Another way is to clean the equipment after each use. A more expensive self-cleaning oven may be an alternative.

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Cleaning the oven with vinegar

We must remember that with regular cleaning of the equipment and not too difficult stains, we can use simple and ecological home methods. One of them, effective for not too demanding stains, is cleaning the oven with water and vinegar.

How to do it? Usually, we recommend combining water with vinegar in a 50% to 50% ratio. Spray this mixture on the stains you want to get rid of. It is best to leave the sprayed dirt for several minutes to let it dissolve. Then wipe it off and rinse with water. Sometimes, the action should be repeated several times.

What do we gain in this way? We have a chance to get rid of dirt, while respecting the environment and our health

Use of soda – burnt on oven

In the situation when we have to deal with a burnt-on oven, we have to reach for more radical methods. A paste made of soda with a small addition of water will help.

Strengthening the effect can be achieved by creating a paste by adding soda to water with vinegar mixed as described above. Sometimes a tablespoon of salt is also added. The point is to cover the dirt tightly with the prepared paste. It is worth waiting a few minutes. Finally, the applied paste is wiped with circular motions.

If this does not help, you will have to reach for specialist preparations dedicated to cleaning difficult stains of the oven

Steam cleaning the oven

You can use the factory-fitted steam cleaning option, which newer appliances may have, but you can also use another “home-made” method. This involves placing a heatproof dish full of water in the middle and setting the oven to 140 degrees C. In a few minutes, the water will begin to steam and dissolve the dirt. Finally, it is enough to wipe them off.

Cleaning the oven from the outside

Remember that cleaning the oven also means taking care of its external appearance. The appliance is then not only more aesthetic, but also more hygienic. Using home methods or special agents we should clean not only the panes but also the hinges and knobs

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