How to choose good quality coffees?

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The world is divided into two types of people – coffee drinkers and hardened opponents of coffee. This beverage, besides being a reason to argue, also has many benefits. Coffee has a health-promoting effect, it stimulates sleepy night owls in the morning, and it can also taste great. Most people who say they don’t like coffee have never actually had a good quality bean. Here’s how to choose the best coffee for every morning

There are many myths about coffee, for example that people with high blood pressure should not drink it under any circumstances. This is a nonsense debunked by many studies conducted by top doctors. It turns out that coffee is very healthy and regulates rather than raising blood pressure. People with hypertension can, and should, drink two to three cups of coffee a day. An infusion of coffee beans also contains a lot of antioxidants, so it protects against cancer and also slows down the aging process in the body

Coffee flavour – its most important attribute

Most of the flavor of food and drinks lies in their aroma, which is why when your nose is blocked during a cold, everything tastes weaker. Aroma is what gives coffee its flavor and is responsible for the whole pleasure of drinking it. If a coffee has a weak, muted aroma, it will taste much worse than a well roasted, freshly ground Brazilian coffee.

If you think you don’t like coffee but only drink instant granules, the weak aroma of such a brew is probably the reason for your beliefs. Instant coffee is a once-brewed beverage from which water has been evaporated. Its aroma is therefore weaker, and its taste is often sour and bitter. Single-origin co ffees taste much better than instant coffees and are therefore recommended for beginners

How important is the degree of roasting?

When it comes to the health-promoting qualities of coffee as well as its taste and aroma, the degree of roasting of the coffee bean plays a major role. For health, the less roasted – or processed – the coffee, the better. Raw or lightly roasted beans contain the highest levels of antioxidants, but their brew is unpalatable, bitter and lacking in intensity. Coffee beans are roasted to bring out their flavor and intense aroma

MK Cafelimited edition bean co ffees are an excellent choice not only for beginners in the world of coffee drinking, but also for those who are well versed in it. These coffees come from crops from all over the world and are described in great detail, including the degree of roasting of the beans, coffee intensity and acidity – the most important parameters when it comes to choosing the perfect drink. Beans from Guatemala, Brazil, Congo, Indonesia, Ecuador or Ethiopia have completely different taste and properties, so it’s worth trying several types of coffee to find your favourite and enjoy it to the full

It is worth drinking coffee because it is the healthiest way to wake up in the morning. This drink raises your blood pressure gradually and gently, so there is no risk of dangerous spikes, it contains no sugar (unless you add it), and it protects against heart disease and cancer. Coffee is much better than energy drinks, and its additional advantage is that in 250 ml of brew there are only 3 calories, while the same amount of “energizer” is about 200 kcal.

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