How to make a smoothie without a blender?

Jak zrobić smoothie bez blendera?
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Fruit smoothie is a favourite treat especially for those who care about health and a good figure. If we fancy something sweet, a delicious smoothie can replace a cake or other less healthy snack. It will also help us to cool down pleasantly on a hot day

Refreshing smoothie can be prepared at home from independently selected and tested ingredients. Is it possible to make them without a blender? We have a way!

Choose ripe and soft fruits

To make smoothie without blender, look for strongly ripe fruits. You won’t be able to grind hard fruits properly without the help of a blender, so choose soft ones, which will be easier to grind into a homogeneous mass. So the best fruits to use are kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, firmly ripe pears, ripe mangoes, nectarines or peaches.

Blend with vegetables

You can also add vegetables to your smoothie – some fruit and vegetable combinations taste delicious! Again, since you’re not using a blender, go for soft and ripe vegetables. If you have a puree or mousse grater at your disposal, it is now perfect for grating vegetables for a smoothie. In this way we can grate carrots, for example, whose flavor blends wonderfully with many fruits.

Cocktail base

To make smoothie with the right density, we make it on the basis of yoghurt, milk or crushed ice. In case you don’t use a blender, it’s easiest to choose yogurt or milk as the base of your smoothie. After crushing fruits (and vegetables), we can easily combine them with such a base. You can also swap these products for soy drink or coconut milk. However, if you definitely prefer the smoothie version with ice, you can also crush ice at home without any specially designed equipment.

How to crush ice without a blender or crusher

We can put ice cubes in a strong plastic bag and hit it against a hard surface (strong enough not to be damaged by this action). You can also put the ice cubes in a plastic bag, put it on a cutting board and crush it with a meat pestle or a rollingpin.

Crush the ingredients

Thoroughly wash and peel the fruits (and vegetables) and remove the seeds. Place the ingredients in a strong, stable vessel, such as a metal bowl. You can use a fork or potato masher to crush the fruits and vegetables. If you have the above mentioned puree and mousse grater, it will be perfect for vegetables and harder fruits. With its help we can also add apples to our smoothie. Crush all the ingredients and try to combine into a smooth homogeneous mass.

Combine with the base and season

After crushing fruit and vegetables it is time to combine them with the base of the cocktail. Add yoghurt, milk or soy beverage to the mixture and stir with a spoon or whisk until combined. If we make a smoothie with ice, it is best to put all the ingredients in a shaker or other vessel that we can close tightly, and then shake the whole thing hard enough to combine the ingredients with ice. Smoothie can also be spiced up, for example with cinnamon, turmeric or cardamom. If we want to sweeten our smoothie a bit, liquid honey or maple syrup will be perfect.


Fruit cocktails look best in tall glasses or special glasses. Jars with ears and colourful lids with straws, in which we can also serve smoothies, are also very popular. Before serving it is good to chill the ready cocktail in the fridge again.

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