How to store cupcakes?

Jak przechowywać babeczki?
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Wondering how to store your favorite cupcakes so they don’t dry out and you can still eat them after a few days? Read on!

Cupcakes and muffins are enjoyed by everyone. This pleasant dessert can be prepared in no time and can be handled even by someone who is just starting out with baking. How to store muffins properly so that they remain fresh for longer?

Muffins and cupcakes without cream

Cupcakes are one of those sweet snacks that stay fresh for quite a long time. Therefore, they are the ideal dessert to prepare at leisure in larger quantities, which you can then enjoy for a few more. To keep them fresh as long as possible and their dough did not dry out, cupcakes and muffins are best stored in a closed container – plastic, glass or metal. It is important that the container is tightly closed. In the case of cupcakes without cream, you do not need to keep them in the refrigerator.

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Cupcakes with cream

If you have prepared cupcakes with cream and fruit, you should put them in a sealed container and store them in the refrigerator. Such cupcakes, however, even lying in the refrigerator, will be good for consumption for a shorter time than muffins and cupcakes without cream – remember that cream based on milk or cream can spoil quickly, and consumption of stale cream can be harmful to health.

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