Fixing a flower box to a balustrade step by step

Mocowanie skrzynki na kwiaty do balustrady krok po kroku
Fot. Gabor Jeszenszky / Pixabay

How to attach a flower box to a balcony railing? You will find out in this article.

Flower boxes on the balcony railing look nice and add charm to the balcony. See how to attach such a box step by step.

Step 1: Choosing the right pot holders

When choosing pot holders for your balcony railing make sure that the holders are made of a strong material that will not corrode, such as plastic or galvanized metal. Their fastening must not require drilling holes in the balustrade – this could damage it.

Step 2: Fastening the brackets

Depending on the type of brackets you choose, their attachment may vary slightly. The ones for the balcony railing usually have a hook-shaped end which you simply hang on the railing

Step 3: Placing the flowerpot

After you have fastened the brackets you place the flowerpot on them. It is important that the flowerpot does not move on the brackets and that the size of the pot fits under the selected brackets.

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