What is a drill/driver used for?

What is a drill/driver used for?
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Drill driver is an indispensable device in every home. With its wide range of applications it will work well for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

What is a drill/driver?

A drill/driver is a very versatile tool that should be found in every home. This device has a wide range of applications, it is necessary for driving a large number of screws or drilling a large number of holes.

Corded or cordless drill?

There are various models of cordless drills available in stores. They are mainly divided by the type of power supply into:

  • mains,
  • cordless.

Corded drill

Mains-powered drills are larger and more powerful than battery-powered models.

The main advantages of a cordless drill are:

  • high power – can be used for heavier work;
  • always ready to use.

The main disadvantages of corded drills are:

  • high weight of the device, which causes lack of precision during prolonged use;
  • the power cord is too short – you need to use an extension cord;
  • the power cord is too short – you need to use an extension cord;
  • large size, which makes it difficult to work in a small space.

Cordless drill/driver

Cordless drills use different types of batteries, so this device is chosen for home use and by professionals. In stores you can find models with:

  • ni-Cd battery – this is the oldest type of battery, less and less used in devices of this type. The maximum capacity of such a battery does not exceed 2 Ah. The main advantage of these batteries is a very wide operating temperature range, and the disadvantage is that the battery must be discharged and only then can it be fully charged;
  • ni-MH battery – maximum capacity is 3 Ah. This type of battery charges faster than Ni-Cd and is more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it discharges very quickly and has a short life span;
  • li-Ion battery – the newest version of batteries for devices, its capacity is 4 Ah. These batteries are very light and charge quickly.

The main advantages of cordless drills are:

  • high mobility – you can use it anywhere;
  • fits in the hand – they are small in size, so they lie well in the hand and make work easier;
  • flexible use – you can use it where connecting to the mains would be unwieldy through a cable;
  • low noise level.

The main disadvantages of cordless drills include the fact that:

  • you have to remember to charge the batteries before starting work;
  • it is useful to have a spare battery with you at all times;
  • they have less power than corded drills.

Impact drill/driver

The most modern models of drills have an impact function provided by a tamping mechanism. The number of strokes is predetermined by the manufacturer, but the force depends on the power of the impact on the device. With the impact function, you can drill holes in brick or concrete, for example, without much effort.

Additional functions of the drill/driver

When deciding to buy a drill/driver, it is worth paying attention to the additional functions of the device. The most popular are:

  • smooth speed adjustment;
  • two-speed gearbox;
  • brake that stops the device as soon as you take your finger off the trigger;
  • electronic speed control;
  • an additional side handle;
  • bit trays.

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Essential accessories for the drill/driver

A set of bits for a drill/driver is usually purchased separately. It is advisable to buy a set that includes bits:

  • flat bits,
  • phillips,
  • star-shaped,
  • ampoules,
  • trox type,
  • pozidriv type,
  • for screws.

It is also worth buying a set of drill bits for the drill/driver. In the case of cordless drills it is worth buying one or two additional batteries.

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