How to install extra shelves in the kitchen without drilling?

Thinking of installing extra shelves in your kitchen, but don’t want to drill holes in the wall? We tell you how to do it without drilling!

The kitchen is one of the rooms in our home where we spend a lot of time. This is where we cook, eat our meals and often do a lot of other activities that are not related to eating. Usually the number of appliances in this room is rapidly increasing, so suddenly there is not enough space for storing them. The solution to this problem may be to install additional shelves, which are definitely a better option than placing dishes or food processors on cabinets and countertops. However, there is a key question, namely how to mount the shelves without drilling and in such a way that the fixings are not visible? There are a few simple tricks that will give your kitchen a whole new dimension and finally give you more space for certain accessories.

The choice of mount depends on the type of shelf

How you mount a shelf in your kitchen depends on the shelf itself. Let’s not kid ourselves that it’s the look of the shelf that matters. We must choose it for the size of the kitchen room, sometimes order it, because it must be made to a specific size. If we do not want to drill, and therefore do not want to mount it on brackets (that is, various hooks, mounting brackets or hangers), which will be visible elements of the entire structure, then decide to mount the shelf with invisible mounting elements. And what specific fastening methods are included in such an assembly? One of them is to mount the shelf using adhesive tape. This way of mounting gives us a guarantee, that we will not damage the material from which the shelf is made.

Self-adhesive mounting tape – a good solution

It is worth knowing about the fact that self-adhesive mounting tapes are great for permanent fixing and we can use them (without fear of destroying the item) on many hard, smooth and uniform furniture surfaces. However, it is worth being aware that they may not be 100% guaranteed to hold heavier items firmly, and are rather recommended for use in fixing lightweight and rather flat objects. Small kitchen shelves can be confidently fixed with such a tape. Just remember to put it on the entire surface of the shelf, long vertical strips, of course, on the back of the shelf.

How else can you install additional shelves in the kitchen without drilling and disfiguring the wall by driving unsightly nails? By using Velcro and regular patches

Adhesive patches, which are interconnected by Velcro, are also a good method to mount additional shelves in the kitchen. How to use them? It is not complicated. Just stick the patches to the back side of our extra kitchen shelf. How many pieces of such Velcro patches we will use depends mainly on the weight of the shelf and its size. For heavier shelves it is better to use more Velcro strips to make sure that the shelf is securely fastened. After sticking the plasters, remove the protective foil and press the shelf in the chosen place on the wall. It is worth remembering (a reminder will certainly be included on the packaging of the decorative/installation sticky plasters) that the surface to be glued should be degreased. So before you stick them on a shelf, wash it thoroughly, preferably with a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol (which is an extremely effective degreaser).

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