How to make a table from caps?

Jak zrobić stolik z kapsli?
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If you collect soda caps in your house and more, you can use them as making a creative table. This is a great idea for a small piece of furniture for your living room. See how to make a table from caps.

The cap table step by step

For this you will need caps, hot glue or other preparation, and resin.

Making a table out of caps is a great way to restore old furniture or to spruce up a tray that can be treated as a tabletop to create a piece of furniture yourself. In this tutorial, however, we will focus on making the cap table top itself.

Prepare yourself a glue gun or other product that is used to glue this type of material. You can find it at the DIY store. However, it must be transparent.

The first step is to prepare the caps. It is important that they are cleaned and dry. You can arrange them by color or make a complete mix of colors. It all depends on your creativity.

Prepare a design and arrange the caps in the way you want first on a particular countertop and then transfer that to the floor.

Start gluing the caps. Fill the edges with glue and then place one next to the other on the table.

Wait for everything to dry. To protect the table with caps and be able to put cups or dishes on it, it is necessary to fill it with resin and a special hardener. Usually you buy a set of two preparations and mix them. Then pour the whole thing in such a way that they fill the empty spaces up to the edges of the countertop. Now you need to wait until the whole thing becomes hard.

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