Nail in the tire – what should be done?

Invading a wheel on a nail? Ouch, it hurts us at the very thought! Such situations, unfortunately, happen quite often, so it is worth knowing how to deal with it. Learn more and don’t be surprised by an unpleasant situation.

A nail in the tire – it happens!

Even if you are one of the most careful drivers, such things happen. We are, of course, talking about a foreign body in the tire – most often it is a nail. As bad as it is, such situations happen most often when we have plans, we are in a hurry. How will you even know if there is a nail in your car’s tire? When you hear a disturbing noise and the steering wheel starts to shake, immediately stop driving at the first safe moment. You are endangering yourself and others at this point, so stop and check what has happened. It is very possible that there is a nail in your feedback.

Check it out, observing all safety rules – pull over, wear a reflective vest and reach for a warning triangle. What to do if your suspicions are confirmed?

What to do with a nail in the tire?

Although our first instinct when we see a nail in a tire is to pull it out, don’t do it yourself. Then the tire could immediately lose air, and it’s better not to let that happen, because you might still be able to save it. In such a situation, it’s time for a spare wheel. It’s great if you can replace it yourself, otherwise call for help, such as a friend who can do it. 

Time to visit the vulcanizer

And now it’s time to visit the vulcanizer. This will allow a specialist to look at the tire and assess whether it can still be repaired. So if with your eyes you have already seen it in the trash, it does not have to be so at all. However, everything depends primarily on the size of the defect and other factors. Are you afraid of huge costs? Don’t be. The cost of the service is usually a few tens of zlotys, so it’s really worth trying to “save” a damaged tire.

It is worth noting that it will not always be possible to repair the tire – especially in the case of worn-out copies or when there is more serious damage, such as in the tread front. However, the matter should always be consulted with a specialist. 

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