4 types of pots you should have in your home!

4 rodzaje garnków, które warto mieć w domu!
Photo by: Dane Deaner, from: Unsplash

Completing your kitchen outfit? See what pots you will need for preparing everyday meals.

It’s hard to imagine cooking without pots. Here are 4 types of pots that are essential for every kitchen.

1. Traditional pot for everyday dishes

Traditional pots with handles and a lid in various sizes are useful for cooking potatoes, pasta, rice or so-called one-pot dishes like stew or bigos. A set of such pots is essential equipment for every kitchen where fresh dishes are prepared on a regular basis.

2. Saucepan for cooking

A saucepan, or a pot with one long handle, is useful for making sauces, roux, heating milk, or melting butter. It is the second essential pot in our kitchen.

3. Pressure cooker

Thanks to its special, tightly closing lid you can cook in a much shorter time such dishes as bigos, stew, stuffed cabbage or beans in different ways

4. Steamer

Steamed food does not lose its nutritional properties, retains its color and firmness. You can steam not only traditional pancakes and vegetables, but also meat and fish. In pots that have several levels with strainers you can cook several different foods at the same time.

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