5 things useful in a single person’s kitchen

5 rzeczy przydatnych w kuchni singla
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A single person’s kitchen should, above all, be functional and make the most of every available space. But what should it be equipped with to be able to cook and prepare meals pleasantly? We check it out!

Kettle indispensable in the equipment

Every kitchen should have a kettle, which will allow you to heat up water for tea or coffee. Of course on the market there are universal models for gas or induction hobs, but it’s worth to look at other products as well. Some kettles have a special filter, which is a practical solution. Limescale will not settle inside and the hot drink will not have a strange aftertaste.

Blender – an assistant in every kitchen

Blender is a device that can replace a blender or food processor. It takes up much less space, and depending on its functions, you can expand its capabilities. Its main function is to chop food, so it’s perfect for making healthy smoothies, pureeing vegetables and making cream soups. If it also has a blender attachment, you can easily whip cream, egg whites or combine ingredients for pancake batter. In addition, blenders save a lot of time and make food preparation more efficient. The accessories include a chopper, for example, which is ideal for garlic, herbs, nuts or chocolate. With a blender you can also prepare crushed ice for refreshing summer drinks.

A frying pan is a must!

Pancakes, cutlets or pancakes require a pan. It’s a basic utensil in every kitchen. At the beginning it is best to choose a traditional model, e.g. 28 cm in diameter. The most popular are Teflon ones, which are incredibly light and food does not stick to their coating. In addition, they heat up quickly. Nevertheless, Teflon is very sensitive to scratches, and a slightly damaged pan is not suitable for further use, because it is simply harmful to health. You can also opt for a steel pan, which is slightly more expensive and heavier, but more resistant to scratches and damage. However, you have to remember that it heats up slower and requires the use of more fat. Food does not stick to the surface, which is very convenient when frying.

Among cheaper models there are ceramic and aluminum pans. They are distinguished by their easy cleaning and smooth surface. Aluminum, however, can be harmful to health, because at high temperatures, toxic substances are emitted. definitely better to opt for this type of material additionally coated with Teflon. Aluminum pan, although cheap, has a low resistance to mechanical damage.

There are still various models available on the market, such as pancake pans , deep woks or those with a coating ideal for grilling.

Multifunctional toaster

Hot sandwiches, waffles or even grilled chicken – you can prepare all this with a multifunctional toaster. A seemingly simple appliance can be really useful. If you opt for the interchangeable plates, you have more options for food preparation. It is worth noting the non-heating handle, high power and durable housing . The scratch-resistant coating will make it easier for you to remove the food.


In a hurry and want to heat up dinner? Or preparing popcorn for the evening? A microwave is handy for that. This is where you heat up your dishes, saving a lot of time. Some microwaves also have a range of other useful functions, such as defrosting and grilling

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