Bedroom in a one-room flat – how to arrange it

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A studio apartment is usually associated with a small area.On twenty-something square meters is not easy to separate space for a kitchen, bedroom and living area. The bedroom is the most important and most private room in the apartment. See how even in a small studio apartment to arrange a space for sleeping and relaxation.

Partition shelf

If the space of your studio apartment allows you to divide the room into two, still usable parts, you can use a large bookcase to make space for your private corner. A sectional bookcase is a great solution for a studio, not only does it act as a wall, but you can also gain a lot of storage space with it. On such a bookcase you can place, for example, books, ornaments or boxes with clothes or home appliances, for which there is no room in the cabinets

Introducing a division between the bedroom and the living area will make it easier to put a real bed for the bedroom in the studio, rather than a sofa, which is at the same time a bed, a sofa and a dining chair. The bed will positively influence the quality of our sleep and improve our posture, as a properly selected mattress is the basis of a healthy spine.


Mezzanine is a solution used in many tenement houses. It is not only incredibly climatic but also a useful place in an apartment. Thanks to a mezzanine, you can significantly increase the area of a studio apartment and make it a full-fledged apartment with a living room, kitchen and bedroom. A huge plus of the mezzanine is the privacy it provides. Few guests will ask you to enter the mezzanine, so it will remain a place just for you

You can fully personalize your mezzanine bedroom by adding flowers, lights, photos or lots of pillows and decorations to make your bedroom a special place. However, a mezzanine doesn’t have to be just a place to sleep. You can install sliding closets on it , put low shelves or even a low bedside table, so that in addition to your bedroom, you’ll also have storage space. Mezzanine furniture can also be personalized and given something of your own

Cabinets and dressers will gain character if you install furniture handles of your own choice or paint them in a distinctive color.

Bedroom in the living area of a studio apartment

In a studio apartment with an area of several meters, it is difficult to arrange a place for a bedroom without a mezzanine. This does not mean that it is not worth trying! By the sofa, on which you sleep, put a standing lamp or hang some lights. Soft, gentle lighting will change the atmosphere of your living room in the evenings and turn it into a cozy bedroom. The accessories you place around your sleeping space can also create a relaxing place in your living room after a long day

Pillows, blankets and bedspreads will instantly make you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel in your bed! Candles can also provide an alternative to the harsh light of a ceiling lamp. Plus, lighting a candle with your favorite scent will help you relax and calm your thoughts before bed. If you can’t give up overhead lighting, remember that bedroom ceiling lamps should not only match the decor, but also shine in the right way

A bedroom lamp should gently diffuse and attenuate warm light, not shine with the power of the sun and make it difficult to distinguish day from night. Inadequate lighting can negatively affect the quality of sleep, but also cause migraines and dizziness

Finding space for a bedroom in a studio apartment can be quite a challenge. However, it is not worth giving up trying to arrange a private space, even when you live on a dozen or so square meters. A bit of creativity and willingness will make your bachelor pad become a real bedroom.

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