Home cinema at home – how to create it?

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Who among us would not like to watch movies in cinema quality every day? It is possible! You just need to arrange a home theater in your home. We suggest what you will need and how you can create it to feel the real cinema atmosphere in your own four walls

Watching movies in the cinema is characterized by the highest quality picture and sound and a unique atmosphere. Sometimes, however, we would prefer to watch a movie at home, but neither TV nor laptop provide such comfort as the cinema hall. So what to do? Arrange a home cinema! Find out how you can introduce a real cinema atmosphere in your own home.

How to arrange a cinema room in your own four walls?

If you want to create a home cinema room, it’s a good idea to use a separate room for this purpose, which will guarantee the best sound quality. However, if your space doesn’t allow it, you can successfully arrange a cinema room in the living room. It’s also great to convert your basement or attic into a cinema if you don’t use them. Now that you’ve chosen a room, you can move on to buying equipment.


The most important component of a home theater is the projector. Which one to choose? First of all, pay attention to the technology (DLP or LCD). The size and format of the projector is also important – the most popular are 4:3, which is a format close to a square, or widescreen 16:9. Remember also to make sure that the resolution and contrast of the projector are as high as possible, because this way the reproduction of colors will be much better. Also the brightness should be high, because the lower it is, the worse the visibility in a darkened room. When you have chosen a projector, it is worth buying a special screen for it. To hang it, you can use a special wall mount, which can be found at

Sound system

As important as a good picture is also a good sound. Therefore, in the case of a home cinema, it is important not only the quality of the speakers you buy, but also their placement. This will ensure that every sound effect is heard perfectly without having to change the volume. How to achieve this? The most basic principle is to create a triangle. That is, the head of the listener and the speakers should take the shape of an equilateral or isosceles triangle. Ideally, the center speaker should be as close to the screen as possible. The front speakers should be positioned so that they face the viewer at a 45-degree angle to the screen. Place effect speakers at the sides of the audience, slightly above ear level.

Cinema atmosphere

A cinema room is characterized not only by the highest quality of picture and sound, but also by a unique atmosphere. It is therefore worth trying to recreate it in your home cinema. To do so, take care first of all about comfortable seats, including an appropriate number of them. Also remember about the right color scheme of the interior. Choose rather dark colors, from which the light emitted by the screen will not reflect. In addition, you can install a soft and discreet light in the false ceiling, which will provide a typical cinema atmosphere. You can also hang lights, for example, those led lights on the tape, for a cozy atmosphere. Another way to arrange a home cinema room is to spread mattresses and soft pillows and blankets on the floor.

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