How to arrange the dining area in a studio apartment?

Jak urządzić kącik jadalniany w kawalerce?
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Studio flats are very often characterized by a small area. This is very problematic if you want to separate several parts of the apartment, for example a bedroom, a kitchen and a dining room. On several square meters such division borders on impossibility. However, there are several ways to use the space in a studio apartment to the maximum. See how to create a dining corner in a studio apartment

How to gain as much usable space as possible?

If your studio is really small, every square centimetre is worth its weight in gold. Usually, the furniture which takes up the most space in the room is a bed or a sofa bed. When the kitchenette takes up a large part of the room, the bed becomes a real command center. It is a place to eat, work, relax, sleep and function all day long. The best solution in this situation is to buy a bunk bed with free space to use underneath. Then the bed does not occupy usable space, and the space underneath can be used, for example, as a dining or work area. Another effective solution is to build a mezzanine. Then the bed and, for example, a place to study or work is located on a different level than the living and dining area, so the studio gains a lot of space

How to arrange the dining area?

A table or a dining table in a studio apartment should be square or rectangular in shape. Then it will fit perfectly in the corner and take up little space, round or oval tables take up much more space due to the fact that they are not adjacent to the walls. A square table also allows the chairs to be pushed further under it, whereas round tables usually have one leg in the middle, which makes it impossible to push a chair in. Chairs pushed tightly under the table also take up the least amount of space, so a square table is the best solution. Additionally, the chairs themselves should also be lightweight but comfortable. Large, heavy chairs will take up a lot of space and overwhelm the decor of a small room. Designer furniture will work best in this situation, which will definitely decorate the apartment and make the interior interesting, but will not dominate the entire studio

Decorations, bringing the right atmosphere

Trying to create different spaces virtually in one room is quite a challenge. It’s difficult to clearly separate the “sections” of a studio apartment so that it doesn’t blend together into a cluster of different furniture. The effect of clear separation between specific parts can be achieved by using wallpaper and accessories. For example, the bedroom section will be separated with a colorful wallpaper contrasting with the rest of the room, and in the office section there will be a corkboard and a clock, indicating the purpose of this place

On the other hand, in the dining corner you can bet on decorations connected with food. Photos of beautifully served dishes, gadgets referring to food, for example decorative cutlery in a frame or a fruit platter. Such additions will make this space immediately resemble a dining room, and its atmosphere will encourage to eat even the most picky gourmet

Interesting and functional furnishing of a studio apartment is really a breakneck task. It is difficult to develop such a small space so that it fulfills all the same functions as a several-room apartment. A normal, approximately thirty-square-meter studio is not such a problem yet, the biggest challenge is to furnish increasingly popular on the market “micro-apartments”, which have several square meters each. However everything can be done with a bit of creativity

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