How to choose wall posters for a room?

Jak dobrać plakaty ścienne do pokoju?
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Posters are a very interesting alternative to paintings or photographs that we hang on the walls. This element of decoration will perfectly enliven the interior of your apartment. Currently on the web you can find brilliant works of young artists who create unique posters, graphics and drawings

What to follow when choosing a poster? Certainly the style of the interior and the place where we want to hang it. Other graphics will hang in the living room, where we receive guests, and others in the bedroom. It is worth before buying a poster to analyze whether the color scheme and size will fit into the interior of our room

Posters in Scandinavian interiors

Scandinavian style interiors are very popular, they are minimalist and characterized by simplicity and functionality. No element of decor is there by accident. A great decoration for rooms decorated in this climate will be black and white posters, geometric and typographic posters. Scandinavian-style graphics are frugal in color, pattern and form, but thanks to this their message is more clear. As with the choice of colors in the interior, as well as in the selection of wall posters should bet on a subdued palette of colors. Posters in white, black, in shades of beige and gray will fantastically blend into the interior. For people who like warmer colors, a great solution will be graphics in pastel colors. In the offer of stores selling Scandinavian posters there are beautiful implementations depicting nature and animals. Fantastic are also works dedicated to children’s rooms, which present original and memorable illustrations

What poster will fit into a modern apartment?

Modern style is currently the most popular trend when it comes to interior design. Houses in the modern style are distinguished by simplicity with a touch of avant-garde and extravagance, which is why each implementation in the modern style is so original. Such should also be the wall posters that decorate the interior. Many people rely on minimalist graphics, typographic posters and eye-catching artistic posters. Posters hung in the living room give it an interesting character and optically enlarge it. Posters depicting a map of the world or a schedule of the subway line will be perfect in the homes of travelers. In the kitchen will be perfect posters with food products and ready-made dishes, which are often presented in a funny, humorous way. The latest trend is also hanging posters in the bathroom

Posters perfect for industrial interiors

Apartments are decorated in a raw and minimalist climate, they fulfill the role of lofts. What posters will work in such spaces? An interesting solution will be simple graphics in a cool design . It is worth betting on typographic posters and original artistic posters when choosing them. Interiors are often decorated with pictures, which contain inscriptions or motivational quotes. It is crucial that such posters are not too many in the room, because they can dominate the style of the interior, which should remain simple and minimalist

What wall decorations will fit into the boho style?

Original interiors in boho style are now very fashionable among interior decorators. Space arranged in boho style is characterized by a large number of natural ornaments – woven baskets or colorful macramé. A great suggestion are graphics depicting nature, with motifs of plants. Brilliantly check also posters with images of animals. To posters do not overwhelm the room, you should bet on those made on a light background, with a simple line and containing few elements

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