How to decorate a rented apartment?

Jak urządzić wynajmowane mieszkanie?
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Renting an apartment is no longer the domain of students. More and more people prefer to rent than to buy on their own. Your own apartment is a place where you should return with pleasure. How can you furnish a rented apartment?

Furnishing a rental property

Most landlords limit the furnishings of a rental property to the essentials, such as a bed, bedding, a dressing table, a dressing table, a dressing table, a dressing table:

  • beds,
  • closets,
  • chest of drawers,
  • bedside table.

It is not worth investing in a rented apartment, because why renovate and invest in something that will never be owned by the landlord. There are several interesting tricks with the help of which you can furnish a rented apartment very cheaply.

7 tricks how to furnish a rented apartment cheaply

1. Cheap storage

Often the amount of storage space in apartments for rent is insufficient. Therefore, the simplest and also cheapest solution is to buy a simple bookcase or make it yourself, for example from pallets or mdf board.

2. Hiding

If there are elements in your rented apartment that do not match your interior concept, you can hide them, e.g. with a closet, a curtain or a screen.

3. Cover up uninteresting curtains

If you don’t like the curtains in your rented apartment, cover them up with decorative curtains. If you want to, you can also buy new curtains and hide the old ones or give them to your landlord.

4. Carpet

Carpets will change any interior, giving it a cozy feel. A used carpet is a cheap and practical solution. Instead of a carpet you can also buy a hemmed carpet.

5. Linoleum

Linoleum is a great way to quickly metamorphose the floor in almost any room. It can only be laid over tile. Do not lay linoleum over laminate, parquet or flooring as they can be damaged.

6. Lamps

Replacing lamps is a great way to quickly metamorphose the interior. The old lamp is worth keeping, as it may be indispensable when you give your apartment back.

7. Decorations that will change every interior


Flowers are a perfect way to enliven the interior, the more potted flowers there are, the better. A pot or vase is an interesting decoration that adds character to the interior.

Light and interesting scent

Burning scented candles build a unique mood in any apartment. If you do not like candles, it is worth choosing recently fashionable cotton balls, which give the interior a unique look


Decorative pillows and interesting curtains are a great way to quickly change the interior. By choosing the same shade of pillows and curtains you can create a consistent and interesting interior. If in a rented apartment there is a sofa, the color of which does not match the rest of the room, then it is worth buying a blanket or bedspread, which color will match the interior.


Very often the owners of rented apartments do not allow to make holes in the walls. A great solution will be to attach posters with a special mounting tape.

Exposing hobbies

In a rented apartment, it is worth showing your character through the right trinkets – books, records or photographs.

Seasonal decorations

In a rented apartment it is worth using accessories that will set the right mood. Spring atmosphere can be introduced, for example, by using flowers or cress.

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