Kitchen for a single – how to decorate it stylishly and practically?

Kuchnia dla singla - jak urządzić ją stylowo i praktycznie?
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Let yourself organize your kitchen cabinets and countertops once and for all with these clever and easy kitchen organization ideas. If you seem to never have enough storage space in your kitchen despite the plethora of drawers and cabinets, it may come down to the way you organize it. All the storage space in the world won’t help if the items in it are completely disorganized.

Discover the best kitchen organization ideas that will help you make the most of your free space, and even create more. Try these ingenious tricks for storing essential kitchen utensils to make your kitchen more functional and less chaotic.

Compact wall cabinets

Every kitchen requires us to install a few shelves or cabinets for spices, kitchen tools, plates, glasses and similar everyday items. What to do if you’re short on space but big on storage? A very good solution is to have compact cabinets that will save space in the kitchen, giving you plenty of room to manage inside them. Pull-out spice bins, corner cabinets and drawers with dividers will allow us to be more organized. These cabinets go perfectly with accessories such as granite sink because of their versatility and elegance.

Magnetic paper towel racks

This gadget will allow us to save space on the walls or countertop. It is enough to attach magnets with a hanger to the fridge. We can then enjoy everything at hand, without the need to clog up free space on countertops.

Tiles that optically enlarge a room

An ideal option for a small or large kitchen, are kitchen tiles. They can be mounted both on the walls and the floor. If we opt for black with gold accessories, it will allow us to avoid visible dirt, occurring during cooking, but also optically increase our space by reflecting light from them. An additional advantage may be the color itself, black is usually a color that goes with everything.

Hanging organiser for pots and pans

Hanging organizers for pots and pans and kitchen tools are increasingly common in homes with small spaces. Pots and pans are protected from scratches in this way, and we also save space in the cabinets. In addition, the fact that you don’t have to take all the pots and pans out of the cupboard to get to the one you need can be a big plus.

Magnet for knives and scissors

Wall magnets are a very practical solution, just like the paper towel hangers mentioned above. We attach it with double-sided tape to the tiles and we can enjoy sticking to the magnet knives. Apart from convenience, it is also a safe solution for every person, as there is no need to run your hands among sharp tools to find the right one.

Under-shelf glass holder

This holder works similarly to a hanging organizer for pots and pans. As well as saving space, it also makes sure that glasses that have been washed dry easily and don’t have stains on them. Wine glasses and other glasses don’t have to take up valuable cabinet space. Instead, hang them from the bottom of a shelf to really maximize storage space.

Hanging fruit basket

Fruits will find their way into every kitchen at least once. It is a known fact that they should not be kept in cabinets, they need to have access to air and preferably sunlight. Instead of storing fruit in a bowl that takes up valuable counter space, take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen by adding a hanging fruit basket.

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