Photos on the wall – design ideas

Zdjęcia na ścianie – pomysły na aranżację
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Do you love capturing moments from your life in photos? Do you want to proudly display the photographs you are in or that you just took? We have some suggestions for you on how to arrange them!

Photos on the wall are a very interesting way to arrange your space. They help to fill empty spaces in an original way. You always smile when you see them, because they remind you of many happy moments. What will be on them depends only on you. We present some ideas for their arrangement!

Fixing photos to the wall

You can hang your photos using nails, pins and screws. Sometimes even tape is enough. There are also special mounting compounds that hold even the largest photos in frames on the wall without damaging it. This is important, especially if you live in a rented apartment

Garlands with photos

An interesting solution is to place the photos on a string or ribbon and attach them to it with various clips (in the offer of many stores we can find colorful, decorative clips that are perfect for this purpose)

Photos on chains with lights also look very nice. When you plug in the string of lights in the winter evenings, you will get an amazing atmosphere at home and momentarily return to the memories of the moments from the photos

You can hang photos in a frame or not

Yes, photos in frames look very impressive. However, sometimes it is worth to abandon traditional solutions and use unconventional methods. Photos without frames attached directly to the wall give the impression of controlled chaos and beautifully decorate the space


Frames don’t cost much and are a very popular way of presenting photos on the wall. So it’s worth considering their choice.

Metal grids, or DIY

In rooms, which are reserved as a place for study, it is worth using the currently fashionable metal grids for photos. They can also be treated as a board for notes or printed pictures. Such an arrangement can be easily made by yourself. What you will need here is a reinforcing grid and varnish, with which you will paint your metal board. The surface of the grid should be cleaned and colored. In this way, for a small cost you will get a very interesting and original decoration, on which you can fit several photos

Cork board

Another way to present photos on the wall is a simple cork board. With the help of pins you can stick the photos onto the board and change them from time to time without damaging the wall or the photos. This solution will work especially well in the living room, above the desk, just like the grid mentioned above. You can buy boards of various sizes for small amounts of money on the Internet.

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Ready-made frame compositions

In the offer of many photo stores you will find interesting compositions of frames, which will look great in any interior. If you do not want and do not like to create your own decoration at home, go to the store and buy a frame, which will diversify your space

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