Simple solutions to make your interior cosier

Proste rozwiązania, dzięki którym wnętrze stanie się bardziej przytulne
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Creating a cozy space in your home doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated at all. In fact, all it takes is the right play with light, colors and textures. If your budget allows, you can try playing with the shapes of your furniture to heighten the feeling of ambience and warmth

Colors, textures, textures

First of all, you should swap synthetic materials and glossy surfaces for natural ones such as lightly colored wood, rattan, jute, organic cotton or linen. The texture of these things is also different and more desirable by us, as most of us appreciate what is natural. Pristine surfaces can seem dull, one-dimensional, and over time can remind us more of sterile lab conditions than home furnishings. You’ll definitely appreciate the folds of a linen pillow, the feel of wool, or the sight of wood grain. Speaking of adding fabric to a room, think about buying the right curtain.

Shapes and edges

When we’ve discussed materials, it’s time to point out what shape the items that are made from them should take. To give a cozy feel to your home, smooth, gently curved patterns are recommended. Aggressive, sharp edges and lots of straight lines give a feeling of rigidity, and interiors that have such use give the impression of unfriendliness.

To create a more relaxing atmosphere, which will be associated with the warmth of the family home, carefree and cozy. Furniture should give the impression of embracing you, hugging you, especially when you curl up in a ball on the sofa. A round coffee table encourages you to gather around it, like a campfire. Rounded corners on items like sofas and armchairs make them cozier. Add soft cushions on them and a rug underneath.


White walls can expand space in small rooms and create an airy and spacious feel during the day, but they often come across as cold and stark. You can add a subtle note to warm up the interior. Even a broken white or light beige will make the space feel more cozy because it will be more natural. You can also introduce some color by adding different accessories to the arrangement. These can be pillows, rugs, blankets or artwork on the walls


Probably many of us would not like to sit in the living room with the harsh light provided by the main lamp in the room. This is because it makes you alert and awake, and after a long day your eyes start to burn and tear. So install a dimmer on your lights and use lampshades to create a warm, inviting environment where you and your eyes can rest. It’s a good idea to use lights that accent specific elements to make the whole scene even more cozy with diffused light. In the living room, use lamps to create focal points at tables, sideboards and shelves.


Create the right mood with soothing scents. It’s important to ventilate your home during the day because, after all, no one likes the smell of stale air, laundry or certain cooked foods, especially when the smell is absorbed by fabrics such as pillows. In the evening, you can light a candle or spray an eco-friendly air freshener. Use scents that remind you of a moment of relaxation. With woodsy scents, you can transport yourself to the outdoors, and lavender will create a spa-like atmosphere. It is well known that scent has a huge impact on mood, and it is relatively inexpensive to achieve the effect.

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