Trendy flowerpot covers – an overview

Modne osłony na doniczki - przegląd
Photo by: Prudence Earl, from: Unsplash

The flowerpot cover can be a spectacular decorative element and successfully decorate the interior. See the most fashionable flowerpot covers of this season.

1. Baskets as flowerpot covers

The real hit of this season are baskets made of natural materials used as flower pot covers. They look great, giving the interior lightness and freedom. Especially in eclectic or boho style rooms they are a perfect decoration.

2. Flower pots on stands

Another striking model is the casing on stands, in which pots with flowers are placed on a raised platform. This elegant decoration can be a part of interiors in various styles and will surely look good.

3. Patterned ceramic protective

Stylish ceramic protective with a striking pattern is a favorite decoration of this season. Flowers in such casings will look beautiful – ceramic protective can be a decoration in itself.

4. Golden flower pot covers

Golden accessories are currently an unquestionable hit. Stylish interiors are often dominated by golden flowerpot covers. It is an effective decoration of the room and a noble base for flowers. The gold protective covers are available in various forms.

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