What furniture to choose for a small apartment?

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Micro-apartments and micro-apartments are now the standard, and the two-bedroom apartment has become a luxury. Unfortunately, the housing market looks uninspiring these days, and many young people have no choice but to adapt. However, small apartments must be functional and useful, because regardless of the size, people are supposed to live in them. So how to decorate a small studio or apartment and what furniture to choose to make the decor thoughtful? We suggest!

Sofa and bed or a 2-in-1 sofa bed?

Although the bed provides more comfort and intimacy while sleeping and receiving guests, it is not always possible to introduce it into the decor. If you have the comfort of being able to separate a sleeping area in your apartment, definitely opt for a bed and a sofa in the living area.

On the other hand, if the studio apartment consists of only one room, you have no other choice but to buy a sofa bed or a corner sofa, which will also serve as your bed. This is not the most optimal solution when it comes to privacy, as no one wants to let guests into their sleeping space, which should remain intimate.No matter which option you decide on, do not forget about aesthetics. Choose a sofa that matches the decor, so that it adorns rather than tarnishes your apartment.

Multifunctional furniture ideal for small apartments

In small spaces you cannot afford to waste space. Each element in the apartment must have its justification and function. Try to find furniture that serves more than one role. For example, practical poufs for the living room, which can also be a trunk for storage, if the model allows it. Such trunks will also work well as hallway poufs. This is because they function as both a seat and a utility space. As you know, in a small apartment there is never too much space for storage, so an additional storage compartment will be very useful.

A multifunctional piece of furniture may also be a coffee table with drawers, where you can not only have dessert with your friends, but also hide various trinkets. On the other hand, a chest of drawers can become a beautiful dressing table, if only you hang a mirror above it.Look for creative solutions and try to dispose of a small space in the apartment as wisely as possible.

Don’t forget about comfort

Although small apartments don’t allow for too many conveniences, still try to arrange your space in the most comfortable way for you. Puff chairs, armchairs and sofas, although they take up a lot of space, are your friends. Also, don’t give up a table or desk where you eat meals or work. This is important for the health of your spine and your well-being. It’s also important that the space is aesthetically pleasing. If you need to save countertop and shelf space for more essential items, opt for wall decorations. This can include a wall mural, photos, paintings or posters. These accents will make the space feel warm and more homey.

Small apartments are the bane of people entering adulthood. If you have to contain your whole life on a dozen or so square meters, arrange the space with your head and avoid unnecessary elements. Look for small models of furniture you need or use equipment in several ways. This way you will create for yourself a small, but beautiful and comfortable place to live. Good luck!

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