What to buy for a housewarming party? Some original ideas

What to buy for a housewarming party? Some original ideas
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Have you received an invitation to a housewarming party with friends or family? You do not know what to buy? The answer to this question is not easy and depends on many factors including whether this is your first move or one in succession. It is worth considering what the hosts may need.

Universal gifts

It is always a good idea to ask the hosts what kind of things they might need or what is the decor of their apartment. This way you can match the gift to the interior of the apartment and to the taste of the owners. If you don’t know anything about the new apartment, it’s a good idea to buy one of the universal housewarming gifts.

8 universal gifts for a housewarming party

1. Plants in a pot

Potted plants are a great way to liven up any interior. As a gift it is worth to give not demanding plants, so that the hosts will not have problems with taking care of them. If you know what style your apartment is decorated in, it’s worth choosing a decorative pot that matches the interior. Plants that will be perfect as a housewarming gift include:

  • orchid,
  • chamedora,
  • sansevieria,
  • ivy.

2. Key hanger

A key hanger is a great housewarming gift. Thanks to this, the owners before leaving the house will not have to look for keys every time. Such a gift fits into any style of interior and is a very fashionable gadget.

3. Macramé

Macramé is very fashionable in recent times. If your hosts follow interior trends, this will be a perfect gift for them. Macramé as a housewarming gift can be in the form of:

  • a flower bed to hang,
  • dream catcher,
  • wall decoration.

4. Wine rack

Wine rack is a great idea if your hosts like this kind of liquor. It is a functional gadget that fits into any style of kitchen. The versatile wine rack is made of wood or metal.

5. Glass

You can never have too much glass in your home. The hosts will surely be happy with:

  • decorative beverage glasses,
  • wine glasses,
  • glasses or beer glasses.

6. Kitchen accessories

If the hosts like to cook, then you can buy them a gift of interesting kitchen accessories, such as

  • a set of mugs,
  • a cheese board,
  • a fruit and cake platter,
  • a condiment set,
  • a cookbook,
  • a cake decorating kit,
  • storage containers for cake and cookies,
  • a set of kitchen utensils.

7. Set of towels or bedding

Towels and bedding wear out very quickly, and there is not always an opportunity to buy them. Both items will work great as housewarming gifts. It is worth buying nice, good quality towels or bedding – the hosts will surely be happy with such a gift.

8. Blanket

A blanket is an aesthetic and functional gift that is great for long winter evenings. If you don’t know what colors the hosts’ apartment decor is, it’s a good idea to buy a blanket in natural colors such as:

  • white,
  • gray,
  • beige,
  • brown.

If you have a bigger budget, you can also buy decorative pillows, which will match the color scheme of the blanket.

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