What is the right size of a TV set for a bachelor pad?

When you are looking for the perfect TV, at which you will spend the evenings, indulging in some well-deserved relaxation, you need to take into account not only its parameters. It is also important to take into account the distance between the sofa and the screen, which is often forgotten in the pursuit of the latest and often the largest model. What else should we pay attention to when choosing a TV for small interiors and studios?

Does the size of the room matter? 

It might seem that the surface area of the room in which the TV set is placed is not important and it shouldn’t matter much. Well, it turns out that this is a mistake. If we want to comfortably watch TV from any place in the room, especially from the sofa, we need to pay attention to a few simple rules, which should guide us when choosing equipment.

Each of us is aware that studios are not large and spacious apartments where we can afford a multitude of large appliances and furniture. Usually the whole apartment does not exceed 40 square meters in which the kitchen, bathroom and living room/bedroom must fit. However, living in a studio apartment, we do not want to give up pleasures such as comfort while watching TV, and this is associated with the choice of appropriate screen size, which will not cause headaches and eye fatigue as a result of prolonged watching or playing. 

What should be the distance between the couch and the TV? 

This is the item that we mostly take into consideration, as it is from the couch that we usually watch movies or play games. To avoid unpleasant side effects, the equipment we buy can not be too large. 

The simplest rule is that the larger we choose a TV, the larger room it should be located in. To ensure the comfort of watching, we additionally need to think about whether the distance between the sofa and the screen is neither too large nor too small. Usually, a scheme is accepted which says that for every inch of screen diagonal we should take about 4.3 cm of distance. Following this pattern, for example, for a 50-inch TV you will need at least 2.1 meters of distance from the sofa. For a 40-inch TV it will be 1.68 meters and for a 70-inch it will be 2.94 meters. 

Knowing the equation, all you need to do now is to measure the distance to the place from which you watch TV most often and you are done.

Small room and the number of inches

Having a small room at our disposal, we usually cannot afford a huge 70-inch plasma. We usually decide then on TVs with diagonals of 40 to 50 inches. It seems that with the current state of technology, these are extremely small screens, however after calculating, it turns out that a 40 inch TV is a rectangle measuring 90 x 50 cm, which is really quite a lot. We can guarantee that watching a series, a match or playing a game on a console on such a screen is really satisfying and above all safe for our eyes and neck. 

We should also remember that quality does not always have to go hand in hand with a high price and size, and choosing a smaller TV will not only turn out to be a good health investment but also a financial one. 

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