Which bedspread for the bedroom should I choose?

Narzuta na łóżko do sypialni – jaką wybrać?
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One of the most important decorative elements in every bedroom is the bedspread. A bedspread is an essential part of any bedroom décor. It is an ideal bedspread to create a unique atmosphere, to emphasize the character of the room and to make you feel warm and soft when it is too cold. We have a selection of bedspreads for you to choose from and what you should pay attention to when selecting the perfect bedspread.

Size matters

First ask yourself whether you like it better if the bedspread is wrapped under the mattress or if it falls freely to the floor. In either case you will need the size of your mattress and the thickness of your bedding, as this will lift the bedspread slightly. Below you can see how to do the calculation for a 160 x 200 x 18 cm mattress and 4 cm thick bed linen to get the right size for your bedspread.

  1. A bedspreadwrapped under the mattress – to calculate the width of the bedspread add the width and double the height of the mattress, the thickness of the comforter and an overlap of about 30 cm, i.e. 160+(2×18)+4+30=230. The length is calculated by adding about 30 cm to the length of the mattress, i.e. 200+30=230. In this case you will need a bedspread measuring 230 × 230 cm.
  2. Forthe width of the bedspread you need the width of the bed, the double height of the bed and the mattress and the thickness of the comforter, i.e. 160+(2×40)+4=244. Add 50 cm to the length of the bed, 200+50=250 and you need a bedspread of 244 x 250 cm.

It may happen that you will not find a bedspread of the dimensions shown in the calculations above, but it is worth looking for one that comes closest to these dimensions, ordering a made-to-measure one or sewing one yourself if you have the necessary manual skills.

What kind of fabric?

In stores you will find bedspreads made of various fabrics, each of which has different properties. If you’re looking for easy cleanliness and a pleasant feel against your skin, choose a bedspread made of natural, plant-basedmaterials such as cotton or one with a small touch of synthetics.

Synthetic fabrics such as acrylic, polyester or satin are slippery and cold to the touch, but they dry quickly after washing and do not require ironing. You can also choose from animal-derived fabrics such as wool, but if you wash your bedspread the wrong way it can lose its original appearance forever.

Quilted or as a blanket?

When choosing a bedspread, pay attention to its thickness. Thin and light bedspreads made of a single piece of fabric are called plaids. They are ideal for spring and summer. They have a decorative function and protect bedding from dirt. If you want extra cover during a cold winter, use a quilted bedspread with an extra layer of fleece.

The thickness will also be important if your bedroom is decorated in a particular style. A quilted bedspread will suit a glamorous bedroom. If, on the other hand, the bedroom has been decorated in a Scandinavian or modern style, a blanket in muted colors will go better.

Patterned or plain?

There are two design choices. You can choose a solid color bedspread that complements the room or a patterned one that contrasts with the rest of the bedroom. If your walls are white or in muted shades, a patterned bedspread will certainly help to complete your bedroom decor.

If you already have other patterned decorations in your bedroom, it is better to be careful and go for solid-colored fabrics to avoid a kitsch effect. Whether you are a fan of minimalistic solutions or more avant-garde, it is worth buying a double-sided bedspread. You can use it depending on your mood and the current accessories in your bedroom.


A bedspread has to match the interior design, the color of the walls and the accessories. However, the color scheme is not everything. What is important is the thickness and type of fabric, matching the size of your mattress and bed, but also your preferences and taste. You can buy a ready-made bedspread in a store, have it sewn by a seamstress or, if you have handicraft skills, try sewing it yourself.

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