6 ideas for decorating a blank wall

6 pomysłów na dekorację pustej ściany
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Are you tired of looking at an empty wall? Would you like to change something in the appearance of your apartment, but you have not found the right idea? In this post you will learn about 6 inexpensive and easy to implement ideas for decorating an empty wall.

1. Shelves of unusual shapes

Various types of shelves with unusual shapes will not only fill an empty wall, but will also have a practical function. The advantages of such a solution will surely be noticed by collectors and people who like to change their accessories frequently. You can use the shelves in any way you like, filling them with your favourite books or trinkets, candles, small pictures and frames or vases with plants.

However, remember to keep proper proportions, if you put low decorations on the lower shelf, put high decorations on the upper one. Do not exaggerate with the number of various additions so as not to obtain the effect of clutter. If you don’t like decorations, you can leave empty shelves as a decorative space filler.

2. Mirrors

As an interesting and eye-catching decoration on an empty wall, mirrors will work well, additionally brightening and enlarging the space. They will be a perfect addition to richly decorated and colorful interiors, but also to dark and small rooms

When choosing a mirror, take into account its size, so that it is neither too large nor too small. If the wall is large, then you can arrange a composition consisting of several mirrors of different sizes, style and color. One huge mirror can overwhelm the interior with its reflection.

3. Coffers

If your wall is not only empty, but also has curves and deformations, then the ideal solution will be coffers. They are made of extruded polystyrene, which affects their lightness. In stores you will find a huge selection of designs, thanks to which you can achieve an original look of the interior without much effort. What is more, coffers are usually easy to install, which is an additional advantage. For coffers you can buy matching decorative strips so that the finish in the corners is aesthetic.

4. Woven ornaments on the loom

Recently very fashionable are decorations made on the loom. If you like unique decorations, you can prepare macramé, woven macatka or kilim. Multicolored, with interesting weaves, tassels and beads will give character to every empty wall. This type of decors will fit both traditional and modern interiors. Contrary to appearances, making such decoration is not very difficult and expensive, so if you have at least a little patience then you can surely manage. You can also always use the offers of craftsmen.

5. Framed wallpaper

Wallpaper in a large frame will be a good substitute for a photo wallpaper or wallpaper on the whole wall. This is a very original, cheap and fast idea to decorate an empty wall. Making such a decoration is very simple. We buy a ready-made frame with a wall hanger and wallpaper in a chosen pattern and size matching the frame. If it is a bit bigger, we cut the wallpaper, put it in the frame and hang it on the wall. In this way we will obtain a unique decoration, and our interior will become cozy. In addition, if we want to change the style, we can easily replace the wallpaper with a new one.

6. Green decorations

Among the ideas for an empty wall, you can’t miss flowers. Properly chosen will enliven any room and improve the microclimate in it. Some species will additionally purify the air of toxins. In the stores you will find a wide range of pots and flowerbeds, which, properly selected, will additionally emphasize the style of the interior. Quite popular are flower pots braided with macramé rope. By combining different flower pots and plants together we can create a unique composition that no one will be able to pass by indifferently.

Finding an idea for decorating an empty wall is not that easy. The decoration should be matched to the room so that it fits into the whole and was interesting, but not dominate the interior. The above suggestions are perfect for decorating a wall in the living room, but you can also use them in the dining room or bedroom.

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